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Fundraising for post-production of my short film!!


***** We need HELP for post-production of our little short film!!!! We need your help to make our DREAM comes true!!!!*****

Production of our short film "Foreign Students" is currently complete. It is a low budget Asian American short aiming for film festival exposure.Synopsis: In San Francisco, the un...Read more

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Happy New Year

It has been ages since I last blogged.

This year I have been busier than before, working on various projects. After finishing a short film earlier the year, I began writing and making another short. As of now, it is still a work in progress.

Not much to share at this point yet, as I am still working hard on it.

Anyway, wish you guys a Happy New Year and every success in 20...Read more

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Fundraising for post-production

Please check out my indiegogo's fundraising page to find out more about my latest film and why money is needed to complete it! Your help is greatly appreciated.



This short film tells a story of two...Read more

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second trailer of my work in progress

Second trailer of my work in progress...

Video: http://vimeo.com/59714671

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Teaser of Work in progress

Teaser trailer of a short film I am working on. Well, technically, it is more like an exercise, since the entire setup is very simple, just me and a few friends trying to experiment with our equipments and various cinematic language.

We spent a sunny afternoon shooting this one, and perhaps expect one or two more days to finish the rest.

Video: http://vimeo.com/53307642

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Support Yip Wun's new film "The Next Minute"!

If you are in Beijing, please support my friend Wun Yip's new film "The Next Minute"'s screening!  Both Wun and the producer Joe Lau are fellow AND artists!



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Ben Ainslie

I've been pretty busy working lately, not much to update...

came across four time Olympic golde medalist Ben Ainslie at the America's Cup event in SF, his team is competing at the tournament with ten other teams, including team from China...

I did ask him how he managed to maintain top form for such long period of time, i mean, winning four gold in four consecutive olympic is something that is difficult to surpass... (if you include the silver in 1996, that makes it five consecutive awards in 16 years...) Read more

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A Sweet taste of freedom

Make a stand!

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Don't forget your dream!

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