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《Lupin the Third》﹐北村龍平用荷李活B級動作片的一套當大片拍﹐結果可想而知... 話說言承旭的英文真的...


韓片《How to Steal a Dog》﹐小情小趣的合家歡溫馨喜劇﹐女主角Kang Hye-jung真的老了﹐還記得當年在《Old Boys》的一鳴驚人



The Missing Ep01 - Trailer

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Fundraising for post-production of my short film!!


***** We need HELP for post-production of our little short film!!!! We need your help to make our DREAM comes true!!!!*****

Production of our short film "Foreign Students" is currently complete. It is a low budget Asian American short aiming for film festival exposure.Synopsis: In San Francisco, the un...Read more

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Happy New Year

It has been ages since I last blogged.

This year I have been busier than before, working on various projects. After finishing a short film earlier the year, I began writing and making another short. As of now, it is still a work in progress.

Not much to share at this point yet, as I am still working hard on it.

Anyway, wish you guys a Happy New Year and every success in 20...Read more

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Fundraising for post-production

Please check out my indiegogo's fundraising page to find out more about my latest film and why money is needed to complete it! Your help is greatly appreciated.



This short film tells a story of two...Read more

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second trailer of my work in progress

Second trailer of my work in progress...

Video: http://vimeo.com/59714671

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Don't forget your dream!


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May 14, 2007

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