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Directed at braggers online

I guess its natural that we as parents we'd like to 'boast' about our child's achievements and so forth. And i admit and im not ashamed im one of them.

But especially so, when even bigger braggers online even msg you privately saying "Oh my daughter, already knew how to do that last time"...Im like doh...She's trying to say her daughter's better than mine. Ka Pui?

And she's the very same person who said "Play piano? Just moving your fingers only what, what's so difficult?" When i offered to play for a colleague's wedding reception. And the colleague was happy and satisfied with my services. And guess what? I dun even think she knows how to play lor...and she dare to comment. Im a piano teacher and scored distinctions in all my grades, and i dun even dare to pass that kind of comment. Coz i RESPECT music and its potential difficulty.

She thinks her daughter is damn great and like to show off her Prada shoes that her fellow rich friends give her; sending her daughter to expensive pre-school etc.


In the 1st place, i was just toking about my child's progress. She doesnt have to 'dispute' or try to show off her daughter's watever achievements. Unless she feels jealous or threatened? Well, if want to compare facts, my husband and i never went to expensive schools, but we still graduated from local uni NTU with honours, i dun think she and her hubby did. And u may think im bragging or biased. But i honestly think my daughter is prettier than hers. Even tho Stariel loses in the socializing department (coz i dun bring her out often). Mr Cloudz say he doesnt need his daughter to be so 'sociable'. At least she's not a social butterfly :p

I mean why does she want to put me down for??? Seriously?

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Thx very much gals...
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Hi there, have performed at weddings (e.g Conrad, Four Seasons Hotel etc.) and at a doctors' dinner event. To hear my playing/singing, you can go to my Profile

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