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Stariel turns 21 mths~

Time flies, but Stariel still havent turned 2 years old.

Ppl have commented she looks like a japanese doll. Both kids inherited their dad's looong eye lashes which i envy.

She can sing a number of songs and even request me to do action for her Row row row a boat with the rowing action (lucky i learnt these from Yamaha heh), Twinkle twinkle, ABC song (im aiming for completeness and clarity, not just mumble a few letters...) And funny thing is she counts 1 to 10 in Chinese and English, she can also recognize numbers when we point to her (thx to my MIL who teaches her), but she likes to omit the 6 in english and 4 in chinese...weird

Dances along and starting to even sing in pitch with music. Vocab in both languages increasing; identifying many different objects on books she long ago know liao...

And daddy said she's probably learning more at home than those expensive pre-schools. But of course in pre-schools, u learn to socialize and share more with other kids.

She's pretty expressive, saying "Ah gong....bao di di, Ah ma....bao di di...papa bao di di". Yeps she does feel a tinge of jealousy for Jeremiah di di...well its natural. My gynae said she's surprised she so young can feel emotions...well from being the star of attraction, suddenly got one baby stealing part of the show, i guess its not surprising.

Anyhow, im pretty lucky and happy to have a boy and a gal which many parents try to have, but gotta wait on the 3rd or more try...

This reminds me a quote from the Bible. Have to count my blessings.

"And your children will gather like shoots of olive around your table"

Praise God Amen! Pray that He'd bless Stariel and Jeremiah to be good, obedient, intelligent kids as they grow up to be useful adults (you beng lin de ren).

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thx sweeties *Stariel gives a friend kiss*
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