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Tokyo Day 1 'live-feed'

11th Sept 2010: Yotsuya, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku

Arrived at Narita Airport Terminal 2 at 6 plus am Japan time. B4 tat was like watching the recently passed Sex & the City onboard the plane. Ended up like was it 2 hrs of sleep only? Was concussed @@ when we arrived. Dropped our luggage at Mitsui Garden Hotel Yotsuya



before going down to Shinjuku's Gyoen garden. I can't believe i got bitten by a mosquito and killed it and blood spurted out gross...And i was telling Mr Cloudz' the crows there were altos, whereas in S'pore the crows seem like sopranos :p Japanese crows are Huge and low pitched...quite scary too. Tat's wat u didnt see in the photos




a more satisfied photo of myself ;p


Finally went back to non-mosquito land at Taka. On the way i found Yamaha @ Shinjuku! Quite excited haha, and boh liao, went to explore the studios and realised they are MUCH smaller in size than in Singapore. So we shouldnt complain too much huh...one band was playing Lullaby of a Birdland (jazz) at a rather slow tempo...if only i could join in haha.


Secretly snapped inside of the studio from outside


Went to Taka and had very blah tempura soba for the not cheap price like 1000 over Yen...and it sux. Went down the elevators and a shop Tokyo Hands like monopolized at least 4 or more levels of it! Crazy...and we still see it in the streets...very high rental they must be paying and hence they must be doing damn well. We finally found Mr Cloudz' fav Kinokuniya book store but too bad didnt buy anything.


Blah tempura soba...disappointment


Kino book store; soft cream (ice-cream b4 going back to yotsuya)

Went back hotel to check in at like 3pm! They dun allow earlier check in w/o extra charges. So u can imagine how concussed we were...

Evening after nap, went to Shibuya for dinner and exploration.


Live video of Shibuya streets


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0va43XSiUU


Tried this scallop butter & pork ramen which kinda mentioned it's from Sapporo (so i figured it should be pretty good). And indeed it was! Though it cost ard S$20, but look at the humongous scallops! 1st time it was like scallops overdose for us! And it's cheaper and tastes MUCH BETTER than the sucky tempura soba i had at Taka...



By the time we reached Harajuku it was 9pm jap time. And to my horror the shops were actually closing! i tot they closed much later, but i was so wrong....i was like pressurised when i finally found an apparels store and bought a white top which i'd prolly wear in the next few days? sigh. Didnt get to properly shop and they closed. Sad. Anyhow, we bought crepe to lift our spirits slightly, something is better than nothing. It tasted pretty good as well-banana chocolate with ice-cream, but more cream, crepe...


Alrite adieu, 3 days more to cover ard 8 places? Hope we can keep up to our planned itinerary, gambatte!

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