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Guitar Heroes & Drumming session

Finally had my fix in guitar & drumming jamming at St Games with my usual kakis (gang), with 2 newbies joining us today, Liz (Wintersun) & Amy.  

Though the genre is not my normal music genre which i listen to, i just went along usually with the songs picked. This game mainly tests your rhythmic skills in music. Have to say it's pretty addictive. Have 'advanced' from Easy mode when i 1st started out, to Medium. Then now Medium's the norm, leading towards Hard mode. For guitar, the Hard mode would have 5 buttons to press, and you'd have to shift your hand since there're only 4 fingers in front, thumb supporting the back. For drums, the rhythm would be more and more complicated/more stuff to hit. For the Voice, no matter what mode, it's always easier than the guitar and drums in terms of scoring points.

Pretty much enjoyed ourselves...today touched the Expert mode (hardest) for 1 song, got 84%, not too bad. My average scoring is above 90% ...guess i shine more at the drums, however, guitar's fun too.

Liz is enjoying herself for the 1st time

The screen-what we see while we play...Yeah kids at heart. But try playing the Hard mode, then u'd know it's not kid's play at all ;)

On hard mode, hence the concentration, heh

Da group.

Now...i need my karaoke fix...or maybe some music producer should come along and slave drive me to sing hurhur

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