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And when you see him dance you are so glad he went to class!!

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For all my friends and students please make sure you share my Facebook page as well as my website. I appreciate all your support talking about my upcoming workshops in Hong Kong and Los Angeles.

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Thanks Candace for sharing this piece. ACTORS: WRITERS: I love that Miss Maggie Smith shares that she still has fear! A book title a long time ago said it well: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.

Find a safe place to learn how to get past those fears.

If you want to face your fear and get past it to do those things that fear stops you from doing come join my workshop in Hong Kong in November.

Dates and information is at this link:

h...Read more

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Just a reminder Writers! You hear that voice. Write it!! Don't ignore it.

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Thanks Helen Mirren for this thought. Don't be afraid to do something creative or just fun. That's why I always make sure that students in my acting workshops learn how to use acting techniques in all parts of your life not just when you are acting in front of the camera or on stage.

Come be creative in my upcoming workshops in Hong Kong. Dates and information is here: http://www.jeannehartmanactorsdetective.com/Hartman-Upcoming-Workshops.pdf

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What a good reminder about PRACTICE. And remember knowing how to practice in a way that helps you improve is also important. Learning how to correct yourself is paramount otherwise you will just keep practicing it WRONG.

Learn how to practice in a way that helps you improve.

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Thanks Doris. Love this. Never give up. Keep learning. Keep trying. Find another way!!

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"Being an artist means forever healing your own wounds and at the same time endlessly exposing them. " But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy our work!
Workshops start Nov 19th in Hong Kong. For information: http://www.jeannehartmanactorsdetective.com/Hartman-Upcoming-Workshops.pdf

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Thanks Jan for this. OKAY ACTORS! If you ever have to play a porcupine now you will know what he sounds like! Adorable but I would still watch out for the quills.

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Thanks Eugenie for this. It is what artists have to do. So do athletes. And you have the power to make this choice. It's a great way to get over s___! as well .

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