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I heard this story last weekend. It went straight to my heart. A friend said to me a while ago. Listen to the end because for me the story about her young son, you will never forget!!

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Heard this segment this morning. Even if you come from a very different experience if you are willing to listen you find out how we all have similarities. When he spoke about his Aunt Mary I was reminded how we all have stories that need to be told.

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Heads up Americans. Let's be as respectful to other nations anthems as Usain Bolt is to ours. What a good example of respecting other people, nations, religions and beliefs.

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Voting is a privilege. I know that everyone tells people what to do. ( I know LOTS of people tell me what to do even strangers!) BUT all I want you to do is remember that voting is a privilege AND I believe a duty. We don't have the right to complain if we didn't do at least the one thing we all have the right to do.

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Food for thought

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So true.

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Thanks Sue Ann for sharing this.

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You shall be judged by your actions.

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Thanks Catherine. So true.

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So fabulous. Thanks Glen for sharing. People forget how amazing Danny Kaye was and with Louis Armstrong they absolutely bring out the best in each other.

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November 12, 2007

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