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Hopefully soon people will remember that we are more alike than different. How does that happen?
Maybe by following the adage: Walking in another man's shoes helps us really understand what another person's experience is. Easy? No. It takes a desire, an effort to attempt to understand what the other person goes through in life. It is not the same as you. If we care enough to attempt to walk in the other person's shoes perhap...Read more

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I dare you to watch this and NOT smile and grin and laugh. Take a moment and give yourself a moment to listen to this darling.

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TIME TO FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU WANT! IMPROVE YOURSELF AND PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE IN YOU. Last chance to sign up for the 2 Day Acting Weekend Workshop in Hong Kong! Time to work your Acting Muscles. Improve your ability to go in front of your Office Department! Find out how to get past your Nervousness and present yourself to your bosses. Professional Acting Coach, Jeanne Hartman, can teach you what professional actors learn to give amazing performances. Nov 12 and 13 is the weekend workshop. Go to this site for information: Read more

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A year later and boy Maggie Smith still says it like it is. The fear doesn't go away you just keep going anyway. In life and in acting. Just taught an amazing On Camera course yesterday and there was lots of fear but more than that there was lots of victory in pushing past the fear and creating amazing work. Great job everyone. So proud of all of you.

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Workshops are beginning in Hong Kong now. Don't wait to sign up. Or you will miss out! Become a better Actor, find a community of fellow Artists and Have Fun too!

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WHY Do Actors Take Class? People ask me this a lot. I put it in a one minute video. Here it is.

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Finally the most well written commentary is through music.

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It is SUPPOSE to look easy. But it isn't!

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Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. Arthur Ashe

Saw this quote. When I am teaching actors what surprises them is how much they can do to create an amazing performance.
Taking the words of the pages and creating a live, believable, exiting performance is the actors job.
What that takes is the difference between a master of the craft and an amateur.
Major Difference.
You want to find out! Come join a workshop in Hong Kong soon. All day workshops can give you an awareness of what it takes!

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Acting Workshops start Nov 5th.
Yes we work hard in these workshops but as you can see we also have fun. It is amazing how much trust each group finds within each other. I am so proud to see the joy and elation in everyone's face.
I hope you will join us this time.
For information go to: http://www.jeannehartmanactorsdetective.com/workshops.html

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