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From Snow to Rain

Well I am back from the snowstorms of the Midwest to the "lovely" rain in southern California.  And unfortunately I have a head cold to go with it.  I think my body doesn't know what I am doing!  Everyone has a theory on how to get rid of a cold, cough etc.  I would just like to flood my body with hot water and wash it away but it isn't that easy so until I can type and not cough I'll see you all again soon. 

Have a happy and healthy New Year everyone.   And stay well too!!!!


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The goose got me!!!

Okay, update on the goose.  It tasted good  and the cornbread stuffing was fantastic but I have never carved a goose before and I think the goose got me!!!   I felt like I was in Sweeney Todd (the knife welding Sweeney character).  Next time I will call the people who raise geese and get the expert advice!!! 

We still have lots of snow out here (Iowa) but the wind has stopped blowing and we all are venturing out!   Still icey and somewhat dangerous so keep good thoughts.

I made a Bread Pudding and that was really good.  Se...Read more

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I have lived in southern California too long to remember what life is like when a snowstorm hits.  So thought you might enjoy some quick notes.  On the radio and computer you hear wind chill factors,  visibility of the roads, and cautions whether you should even GO OUT AT ALL.    This Sunday morning the radio guy keeps reading long lists of churchs who have canceled their church services.  when that happens you really know that it has snowed a lot or there is a lot of wind.  Of course my brother is out early with his snow plow clearin...Read more

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SnowStorms and Christmas Goose!

To all of you who have wished me a Merry Christmas, thank you.

 I am in the middle of an Iowan snowstorm on my family's farm in the middle of the Midwestern part of the United States.   Since I have lived in sunny California for so long driving on the icy snowy roads today was a challenge but it was so beautiful.  I am with family on the farm where I grew up.  My sister in law and I will be cooking a goose (literally) for Christmas.  Haven't done that in years so am checking recipes today.  My greatest joy was...Read more

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Technology challenged

Okay I admit it .  I am technology challenged.  Now it doesn't mean that I can't get past it but I need help.   My digital camera/video  has been in the repair shop for MONTHS.  SO I am facing getting a new camera.  What is really important?  There are too many choices and since I had techno change I want to make a good choice for me.   So I didn't make any choice and will take my old camera on the road.  So tell me if you absolutely LOVE your camera?  And tell me why>  It will really help.   thanks gang.

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Mayweather vs Hattan fight

Most of you know me as a coach and teacher.  I also have been a big fight fan in the past.

 Well last night when to a friend's home to watch the Mayweather vs Hattan fight.   It was an exciting fight.  I found I still am fascinated by the sport.   For some of you it may surprise you that I am a fan of such a sport.  Indeed it surprises me too and I don't really understand it.

  I do understand that watching sports has some connection to my joy and interest in acting and teaching actors.   I use a lot of sp...Read more

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I've Just Seen Two Great Films!

At this busy time of year I want to quickly share with you two great films I have just seen.  Since I was invited to screenings I am not sure if they have opened in your area yet but please put them on your "must see" list.  They are:

The Great Debaters

Wonderful story, wonderful actors, great direction.  It is inspiring and lots of drama.  Denzel Washington shows that he knows a great story and knows what to do with it.  I was able to hear him speak after the screening.  What a joy to hear a succ...Read more

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Some new Film Screenings I've seen

Some of you have asked me what I've seen in new films that are coming out soon.  I am lucky enough to be invited to go to some screenings and I really enjoy seeing a film before the TV and newspaper reviewers  start to tell me the story in their reviews.   So I promise you I WON'T tell you what happens.  Just some suggestions of films I think should be seen.  or not.

What have I just seen?


August Rush. 

A lovely "fairy tale" type film with fantastic music.  And if y...Read more

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You've asked for some suggestions for Acting material

Hi Friends on Alivenotdead!

I have been chatting with some of you and enjoying it very much.  Some of you have asked for some suggestions to read regarding acting technique.   There are hundreds of acting instruction books.  I find good in many of them.  I also find many of them "slow reading"  but I alway suggest to my students to take what you find makes sense and don't worry if not everything they  say works for you.   Most actors gradually create a "customized" styl...Read more

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Across the Universe film

Just saw "Across the Universe"  last night.  Really enjoyed it.  Beautiful combination of music and story and fantastic effects!   Even the beginning with the ocean.   I won't tell much so for those of you who haven't see it yet.   Always want to see this director's work.   Hope you can all see it some time soon.  It should be seen on a big screen rather than dvd at home.  so see it now.

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate and enjoy the moment for all of you!

Jeanne at ActorsDetectiv...Read more

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