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Thanks Patrick for sharing this and his own thoughts as well.
We all need to be reminded to make contact with people - even that person standing next to you at the stop light or the post office or the store. A Hello, a "How are you?" a Lovely scarf! might make a bigger difference in that person's day. We never know what their day was like!

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Who says you can't have fun and learn a lot! Workshops coming in November in Hong Kong. For dates, fees and information go to http://www.jeannehartmanactorsdetective.com/Hartman-Upcoming-Workshops.pdf

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Asking my friends for suggestions: A little friend of mine, Miss M has never had dim sum so I promised her that when I get back in December I will take her to get Dim Sum in Los Angeles. So please share with me your favorite place for Dim Sum in Los Angeles. I know you can help me find a special place for this sweet young girl Thanks everyone

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Love this. so creative

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A very supportive and informative group for writers. Be part of people who "get" you. Writing Group Hong KOng

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For actors in Hong Kong you will find a great community of artists here at this Facebook group Acting Classes -- Hong Kong

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"Always Look for the Helpers" Once again Mr. Rogers reminds us what to do in time of tragedy but I think it is the mantra to use in life. How many times you feel alone, you wonder if there is anyone who sees what you are facing. Always Look for the Helpers. Those helpers may not come in the place where you expect them to come from. They may not come from your family and friends. They may come in the form of a stranger. OR they may come from watching someone like Mr Rogers who was one of the kindest more compassionate persons I have ever seen on air....Read more

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Thanks Race for sharing this. I had to pass it along. Charming

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Quick thinking!! Good for her.

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