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Are You Ready for your Close Up?

Actors in Hong Kong:
Do you want to improve your camera technique?

Now is the time to sign up for one of my new On Camera All Day Intensives.

This all day intensive is specifically for improving your camera technique. Currently actors must shoot, direct and act their audition videos required by many casting directors now for you to be considered for a film role.

How good are you at creating these videos?

Find out what you are forgetting to do. Discover the reason your auditions may n...Read more

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I am sharing this for all but especially for a friend who has to be at home for a while. You know who you are. I know this will make you smile. How could it not.

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What is so great about this "memory" is that Daniel and this show is still going strong.

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Now this is the Iowa I used to be proud of. Glad it still is there.

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EARLY BIRD RATE Deadlines are coming up soon.

Be sure to sign up for Jeanne Hartman’s Acting Workshops in November and get the early bird rate.

Friday is the deadline to get the discounted rate for the Nov 5th and 6th 2 Day Acting Workshop.

This weekend workshop will be held at the fabulous space, The Hive in Kennedy Town.

Request your invoice to sign up and get more information at: http://www.jeannehartmanactorsdetective.com/workshops.html<...Read more

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A friend saw Mike Leeder’s amazing recommendation of my teaching (Thanks Mike!) and she asked me about one particular part. “there’s no pretentious bullshit…” She asked what that meant to me.

Here is what I told her and to new students:

My job is not to “direct you” in the role. I could do this, easily in fact, but it would not teach you how to prepare for an audition or job when you are on your own. My job is to help you find what is best for you not what is best for me.

My job is to give you the tools and teach you how to use them so we...Read more

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Acting Workshops in Hong Kong in November


Time to work your Acting Muscles!  Find out what you need to learn to act professionally.  If you want to learn the techniques and tricks that professional actors know take a professional workshop.


Jeanne Hartman, Hollywood acting coach, returns to Hong Kong to teach her professional acting workshops. 


First two weeks of November, Jeanne teaches her 2 Day Acting Weekend Workshops for all levels.


For the first...Read more

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Okay, we all need to be reminded to do the right thing. The humane (Bear) thing. Helping our neighbors no matter who they are.

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