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We all could use this expert advice. Be a root and looks for roots in your life. Thanks.

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Just like GREAT ACTING. It looks easy on the outside but it is a lot of work and continuous work where no one can see it.

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I strongly believe to learn, you need a safe place. Why, because Acting is Personal. Communicating is Personal. When someone says, “Don’t take it personally”. I say that is Crap because it is personal. Your life and your work are very personal.

Every time I teach a workshop, my goal is to make sure you gain knowledge about yourself, discover techniques that improve your work, feel safe to make mistakes and yes, have fun.

Jeanne Hartman’s Workshops schedule in Hong Kong in November: Read more

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Today I sat in my car and did not want to get out so I could listen to this woman. Take some time and I know you will enjoy it. Share with me after you hear her.

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A professional NFL football player said, “The Separation is in the preparation.”

Professional athletes talk about preparation and how it makes all the difference in the real game. Same is true for actors, writers, directors, and people who want to improve their communication skills.

Malcom Gladwell writes that 10,000 hours is required to become an expert. Over and over I have heard athletes attribute their success in their Olympic victories and professional goals to practice, not to their “naturally gifted” talent. Yes they may...Read more

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To all my upcoming Students in Hong Kong! Perhaps we will skip this exercise this time. Not sure we could do it better than these guys. But know I always bring new challenging scenes and exercises!!! Seriously I am so excited about returning to teach everyone! Be sure to sign up soon since there are limited spaces. Can't wait to begin.


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Thanks Phil. I really like this.

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Class! Dignity! Integrity! We all took this class president and his class family for granite. I miss him and them already.

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Thank you Brene for reminding all of us that we all know good men and boys who are as shocked by this behavior as we women are.

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JEANNE HARTMAN returns in November to teach in Hong Kong

Time to work your Acting Muscles!  Find out what you need to learn to act professionally.  If you want to learn the techniques and tricks that professional actors know take a professional workshop.


Jeanne Hartman, Hollywood acting coach, returns to Hong Kong to teach her professional acting workshops. 


First two weeks of November, Jeanne teaches her 2 Day Acting Weekend Workshops for all levels.

For the first time she will be tea...Read more

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