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Time to work your Acting Muscles!
Find out what you need to learn to act professionally.
If you want to learn the techniques and tricks that professional actors know take a professional workshop.

JEANNE HARTMAN, Hollywood acting coach, returns to Hong Kong to teach her professional acting workshops.

First two weeks of November, Jeanne teaches her 2 Day Acting Weekend Workshops for all levels. For the first time she will be teaching On Camera All Day Intensives.

For description of each workshop go to JeanneHartmanActorsDetective.com...Read more

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Thanks Eugenie.
NIce to see something that just makes you smile!

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Thanks Doug! With the news, I really need a video like this!!

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True Joy!!

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Thanks Eugenie. To all my students it is another reminder of how important PRACTICING is.

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Thanks Scott. A good reminder to all of us

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So thrilled that I continue to go back and teach. Will be adding some new specialized intensives this time. The information will be up online very soon. See you all.

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What a good reminder of what used to be accepted. This only changed because people came together in numbers to stop it. We can only change what is wrong through numbers of people coming together.

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And the children shall lead us! Follow their lead with this young men.

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Please watch my friend, Judy's film SUV Taggers. So proud of her.

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November 12, 2007

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