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Some people may ask me, Why release an EP now? In Singapore? But you are leaving right after to HongKong! Why not release it in HongKong?

Well, I guess its my attachment to this country Singapore. I grew up here. I spent most of my life here and this is where I started off. I'd like to give thanks to all the people who supported me in the industry here by doing something before I leave, and of course all are invited to come and get a free copy on the 27th August. Thats the most I can do. And in another angle, I'm also giving thanks t...Read more

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EP Press Release

The wait is now over. After months of in-activeness, I'm ready to announce that I'm releasing my First personal EP Album in Singapore before returning to stay in Hong Kong.

Date: 27th August 2011

Time: 2pm-4pm

Location: K-Union, K-box at Cineleisure, Singapore

I will be slowly sharing with you more about the songs and purposes of the album. So stay tuned!

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September 2011

I'll admit. I hasn't been focus. I hasn't been disciplined. I hasn't been knowing of what I want for myself. I'm lost.

September 2004. My family had to move back to HongKong due to unforeseen circumstances and I had to leave my friends and everything I had behind in Singapore to start afresh. I was equally lost. Still a young teenager then, I decided to make my way back to Singapore, alone, to serve the country and to reunite with my friends. To find a purpose in life back then. I done it, and moved back and stayed ...Read more

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Chinese New Year

I'm back in Guangzhou again for Chinese New Year. Since I can't access facebook or Twitter from here, I shall do it with a short blog.

Good bye Year of Tiger.

Wishing everyone a successful New Year, take a great leap like a rabbit! 

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Skiing in Niigata

It's the first time in my life to touch snow. I mean really soft, fresh snow. The last time I did was in Korea when I was 14 years old for skiing, and they weren't as good condition as this one.

It's also the first time, in fact, to see snow. I mean snowing. White particles falling from the sky, falling onto your head. You can literally eat them if you lift your head up with your mouth open.

I was at Niigata (新潟), Naeba (苗場) for skii with Mio, her sister Maki and her Fiance Ryota kun, as well as Taiga kun. I...Read more

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Some poledancing action

Ok so New Year was in Japan. Had a wonderful new year eve dinner and counting down in an Izakaya, before heading to a temple for new year prayers and look around.

In the temple, there are night markets selling food and new year goods.

I'm...Read more

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Backlogged Festives

First of all, my apology for neglecting the blog for such a long time, without any festive wishes and all. Facebook and Twitter is taking over recently and causing the laziness. But I will be going back into regular bloggings from now on.

What happened was I started on playing this online game, which was just voted the IGN Game of the year recently, Kingdoms of Camelot on Facebook.

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Fior Gras Mania

A Prelude to the long awaited new blog which I had neglected for over two months. Just to let everyone know I'm still around and will be back to blogging soon. Meanwhile, here's a food blog again! The full collection of my personal favourite, Fior Gras! Teriyaki Fior Gras Donburi

Next up's Fior Gras on Steak. Hmm.. Yummy Read more

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To be Happy

Initially I wanted to start off this blog whining and complaining about how bad my day was. Then I had dinner with a wise man. And he changed my mind. I had a really long day running all over the Singapore Island for various projects, castings and scouting. And I'm due to meet this friend called Albert for dinner, which is an hour of bus ride away. And so I took this bad bad ride over. The bus passed through Little India and there were lots of Indians on-board and it was rush hour. Now I'm NOT being racist here but there's this Indian...Read more

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Cool Stuff coming

Not really a good time to blog down the happenings recently. All I can say is, things are happening. Something big. Revolutionary. Not just another feature film. Click on the link below to find out more.http://thefrvlproject.com/Some new pictures to tease.Read more

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