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I've come across this really hyped up video recently

http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/StFSg3dynMk/Coincidentally, We have our own version of communist red army from china in December Rains too. Should we try to make our version of the video too? Read more

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雨季资讯 December Rains Gala Premiere

源自Read more

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雨季彩排 December Rains Rehearsals

Its 5 hours from the first show of December Rains. I'm really looking forward to it. Since its our break, I'm gonna blog about my December Rains Journey. The first thing is our 'To kill a Mockingbird' Cast gathering for dinner and Durian party. Director Goh Boon Teck organised it. It was real nice to see you again Corrine and Wiggie!距离音乐剧’雨季‘还有五个小时,真让我兴奋死了!趁现在有空,让我从化妆室写下我的雨季旅程。首先是To Kill a Mockingbird演员聚会。导演吴文德请吃饭。之后还一起吃榴莲呢!Read more

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Le Star Secrets

A friend of mine, Ann Lin AKA Zhian, had been my hairdresser for the past 4 years, and recently set up her own salon. Very stylish place (though I think it's too girly for me).Owner of Le Star Secrets, Ms Ann Lin. She does great hairstyling and various hair services.Read more

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Ding Ding Ding! K.O!

I heard his name is cookie Chunk. Anyway..I'm telling you, You better read this blogpost!我警告你,你一定要看!Pictures from rehearsals for Match in the Ring! 爱谁来说彩排照Read more

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Wearing Man U Jersey = Sin?

Muslims warned against 'devilish' Man Utd jersey

Muslims must not wear the famous Manchester United red jersey because of the "devil" emblem on its team crest, Malaysian clerics said Wednesday.Muslims warned against 'devilish' Man Utd jerseyMuslims warned against 'devilish' Man Utd jerseyManchester United and the rest of the English Premier League are massively popular in Muslim-majority Malaysia and the rest o...Read more

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Nugeno Cool Man Finals & Steadfast Premiere

Time to backtrack a little to cover two events in the past two weeks. here's some pictures taken on the day I took part in NUGENO's Ambassador Search. At the salon dressing upAll the cool guysRead more

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15th Compass Award + Birthdays!

My weekdays had been way too packed. All filled with rehearsals to the core. Not just by December Rains but also Match in the Ring, which we're staging this weekend already. I've been getting more and more tired each day and I needed more rests. But in came the weekend which was filled with events I cannot miss no matter what. First was my buddy Clement's Birthday. I'm sorry I was too tired that day and couldn't stay too long for you.两部舞台剧的彩排让我累到不行。可是这个周末可忙了,而且是非去不可。首先是好友诚致的生日。真抱歉没办法呆太久。Read more

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Eco Music Challenge by NEA

Hello Everyone! I'm the face for a Eco-friendly song-writing competition from the National Environment Agency of Singapore. With Tay Kewei as their featured songwriter supporter!! Click on the link to know more! And hear what Kewei has to say about songwritings! http://nea.ecomusic.sg/index.htmlFB Fanpage:  Read more

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7/7. A day to celebrate, My Birthday.Well, not exactly. But the digit on my profile showing 'Member for:' shows 730. Which means I'm 2 years old on Alivenotdead today.Never would I expect a lazy guy like me can actually sit down and blog for 2 solid years. I just want to give thanks to everyone who supported me within the AnDFamily. You all are special to me. I tried my best to reply to every single visitor everytime and cater to my mandarin readers by adding in mandarin texts. Will try my best within abilities. And sp...Read more

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