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Its a long long journey Till I know where I'm suppose to be

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Good Breast available. Chicken breast 300g for 980yen.

Happy Women Day!

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Ivy Yau Catherine LxblackeyWaLung JohnLi Moiwo Wan for our sakura party?

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I thought this only happens in China? I can't believe I got fooled by Japanese packaging as well! #偷工減料

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Who you'd gonna call? Callgirls????

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Just did some digging and decided to restart the blog I used to write on. Feel free to pop by and show some love!

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English Review of my company product Heart Line Mask. Want a V-line contour? Try it out today!

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CP+ 2016 Lets go

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Dear film maker friends, If you will be in Filmart HK this year, be sure to check out Love Stalk which I wrote and acted in

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