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Dead Not Alive Halloween Party @ Azure LKF

Less talk more pics! Starting from day 2!

I woke up in a misery. Nobody's home. Dad went straight to China early morning, mum out to work and sister to School. My stomache got the worse out of me i run straight to the toilet, when i found the digicam next to it. So I decided to take a picture of my house from ...Read more

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HK day 1 and 2

Arrived Hk at 11am, went on a regular lunch with relatives and of course my parents.

Damn there's this baby who cried non-stop seating in front of me, therefore i didn't get to sleep much at all.

after lunch i started my cap hunt together with my cousin and her son. its always interesting to be acting as a tourist by speaking mandarin and english to the shopkeepers and try to get good deals. and i can always switch back to pure cantonese to my own advantage. very cunning i know haha! but that is a very good way to get g...Read more

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The Birthday Fanboy

First of all, allow me to give my thanks to all whom gave their best wishes for my birthday. You guys are really sweet!

Its 1.30am now. I've spent the day spending time with my best friends and treating them to a hearty dinner for thanksgiving for being such great friend of mine over the past years. Its the first birthday I spent at home after many years and it somehow felt peaceful, more like grown up.

I'll be flying off to Hong Kong in a couple of hours therefore not gonna sleep tonight. Flying on my birthday, it...Read more

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新加坡金曲奖 2008 Results!

The latest straight after the show! I am very fortunate and glad to have my teacher  沸挥老师 bringing me to the awards as his assistant, but I will see it more like an early birthday present from him and also an oppotunity to learn new things. But what I'm most excited about is that I get to see my Idol Eason Chan, as well as my sister's idol Mayday.

Fair enough, they were all seating right in front of me by a row. I was like keep taking snaps of him from my seat la! as well as Mayday upon my sister&...Read more

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Pravin Saivi 'Choices' MV Shoot Part II

Some videos from the MV shoot for all.

Interview with the drunkard


We were doing our scene. the camera is focusing at me punching the drunkard and then it will pen upwards to where pravin is lipping to the song. I took this chance when we're out of camera to shoot the cleaning up process and lipping. great angle!

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Pravin Saivi 'Choices' MV Shoot

Hi All! I was involved in a MV shoot for popular local Singer Pravin Saivi's 'Choices', production done by Blk A Pictures.

Pravin Saivi made his singing debut in a tamil variety programme. (Theem Thaka Theem) He finished second in the national Indian talentime Thenkural 2002. He was then nominated in the 'Best Male Singer Award' category in the 2004, 2005 & 2007 Predana Awards.

More about Saivi Read more

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Children Cheering Carpet by TPO (Italy)

Hi everyone! Finally I got the time (probably i'm lazy) to blog again! Been doing another project from Esplanade, This time, with a company from Italy, presenting the Children Cheering Carpet, a show called 'The Japanese Garden'.

official website: http://www.tpo.it

Fantasic concept and method to interact with the young audience. Its actually a carpetted area with animations, and touching sensors underneath the carpet. Completed by two contempo...Read more

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Blog: Sunday, Sep 28

IQ Test Free-IQTest.net - IQ Test

Low IQ.... Read more

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Video: http://www.youtube.com/v/Cy3u8OGT7kE&hl=en&fs=1

Been working at The Esplanade as mentioned at the previous post and i've been so busy i've got no time to update my blog. Plus youtube had been giving me problems that i can't upload anything. Finally able to do one video of my performances, also at Esplanade early this month. With Angel, song written by Feihui Laoshi, 关于爱情.

My work there involves being an artistes' tour guide a...Read more

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The Esplanade

Did I ever mention that I work part-time for The Esplanade?

I'm gonna be missing for quite some time as I had taken up a couple of projects from them on the admin side. Starting off the first project from Wednesday, which is tomorrow for ten days, all the way till next Friday.

I can't upload videos up to youtube. No idea why. when I click 'start uploading', it will just stuck there forever. Any solutions?

Anyway, here's a picture of how the performance at the esplanade looked like on 2nd September, We...Read more

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