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Jae Leung 梁卓生
Actor , Composer , Singer
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Willing to try new things, the curious Jae Leung left footprints in various fields as well as many countries in the world. His first foray into the entertainment industry was emerging the champion for Warner Music’s ‘SuperIdol’ Singapore Region in 2002. He became a full time Artiste after serving the Singapore Army. Having spent his career in Singapore, Hong Kong and his current base Tokyo, Jae has experience as a Vocalist, Film/Theatre Actor, as well as backend works such as songwriting, scriptwriting, producing and voiceovers. An extrovert and always curious, Jae loves trying out new interesting characters and music styles.

勇于尝试,充满好奇心的梁卓生在多个国家都留下了脚印。 早在2002赢得华纳音乐举行的【偶像大胜战】新加波冠军的他,当兵以后正式出道成为艺人。 期间逗留过香港,美国好莱坞和目前居住的东京。尝试过的范畴除了幕前的歌手,影视/舞台剧演员之外,同时也非常活跃于幕后工作包括作曲,写剧本,配音,短片制作等。 卓生的性格好动,总爱演出新颖的角色或从来没试过的曲风

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Languages Spoken English,Cantonese,Hokkien,Japanese,Mandarin
Location Tokyo, Japan
Gender Male
English Name Jae Leung
Traditional Chinese Name 梁卓生
Member Since July 6, 2008
Simplified Chinese Name 梁卓生
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Tokyo, Japan
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July 6, 2008

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