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Full House

First of all, I'm glad to say that The Full Monty was completely Sold Out since last Wednesday. Congrats! But that also resulted in me missing the last show. I'm sorry to those whom I've promised I'll catch it.And I guess I'm guilty for not updating about whats all Match in the Ring is all about, and before I could properly blog about it and publicize it, I'm sorry to inform that all 4 shows are COMPLETELY SOLD OUT!!  Anyways, its a family heartland-type of skit. I'm acting as, as usual, a 16 year old boy-next-door wh...Read more

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NUGENO Cool Man Finals

Hi all! Do come down to Compass Point this Saturday if you are in Singapore this weekend! I'm competing in the Finals of Nugeno Cool Men Search Contest. One of the judges will be Raymond Lam 林莑. Winner will get one year endorsement with Bio-Essence Nugeno Men Series and also willl be the new face spokeperson too!Thanks guys![](http://www.alivenotdead.com/attachments/2010/06/29/00/108641_201006290006361.thumb.jpg)Special Thanks to all those who voted for me...Read more

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早前为了做雨季的资料研究,我来到了新加坡‘原貌馆’做功课。要不是因为这份研究,我根本没有兴趣到原貌馆去。不过当我去了后,我开始咒骂我自己。我怎么从没发现,原来早期的新加坡可以那么美丽,那么吸引人,那么有趣呢?我除了做资料搜集,还当了一天的旅客,参观了一遍。以下是我所拍下有趣的照片。 Last week I dropped by one of the local attraction of Chinatown Singapore, the Heritage centre, to do information research on my project presentation for December Rains. I seriously wouldn't have been interes...Read more

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NUGENO Cool Man Search

Good day people, need a little of helping hand here.If you have a facebook account, would you mind dropping by the link below and click on the 'like' button? If you can't find the button, most probably you'd have to be a fan of NUGENO MEN first. Appreciate thathttp://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?pid=13106507&id=369813835541&ref=mf&fbid=10150207865040542Read more

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Teens Magazine Feature

I'm now addressed as 'The Time Travelling Actor' and 'Theatre's New Kid'.Had done an interview with Teens Magazine again a month back. The previous one was covering 'To Kill a Mockingbird and was featuring both myself and Julie Wee (Scout). This time its covering December Rains and its just on me! Liked it alot therefore here to share :)I'm proud to have my name on the Cover page too! But I forgot to scan it. Anyway its too small to be noted and they spelt my name as 'JAY LEUNG'!!!! So I'm qu...Read more

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Swee Lee Music Cafe this Saturdaay!

Hi all! I'll be having a Mini Gig at this brand new Music Cafe by Swee Lee this weekend![](/attachments/2010/06/10/01/108641_201006100130061.thumb.jpg)Where?Swee Lee Music CafeScape Building 3rd Floor (The new White building next to  Cineleisure)When?This Saturday! 12th June 3pm-6pmWhat?There will be DJs spinning all afternoon and the timing of the  Gigs are belowRead more

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Match in the Ring

I'm dealing with rehearsals from two different theatre productions concurrently. One is December Rain as mentioned in previous posts. And Match in the Ring, is the latest addition. It will be a smaller scale, simple but meaningful act. More details to be out soon!By the way, the director for Match in the Ring is AnD Artiste Gemia F...Read more

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A Seed: A Series of Underground Art

Attended this Arts Festival directed byJeszlene Zhouon Sunday. Produced by Terence Tan.Oh Jeszlene had been so busy with her new-found title (From Actress to Artistic Director) that we didn't get to take pictures at all.A Seed is a series of underground arts showcasing from film, music, visual and theatres, and ...Read more

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Nobody Nobody!

If you are still interested. This is what theWonder Girls-look is all about.这就是之前的照片的所以然.  Wonder Girls.Don't forget the lyrics (Mandarin) Trailer:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GRtJA3bkqcGuess I'm too pretty to be featured. The idea was to make people fall off chairs. But you can spot a little feature of my lips saying ...Read more

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I got an Email from Daddy today, which was actually from Uncle Malcolm. Apparently we'll be going to this place in Germany. The Waldgeist Restaurant at Hofheim am Taunus.Hofheim is a town of the Land of Hesse 17km West of Francfort.The beer is served in quantities of 1/2, 1 or 2 litres!And their specialty drinks, the 'Bembel of Grauens' is a mixture of Barcardi rum & Cola. A good 4 litre servi...Read more

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