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A small Act with a BIG Impact

I have this very interesting group of students supporting me, and I am grateful. They are students from the Secondary 2 level of Nanyang Girls' High School, one of the top secondary schools in Singapore.Why so specific? Apparently their school made the entire secondary 2 level watch 'To Kill a Mockingbird' in February as the story book was their Literature study text this year. Somehow I was idolized (I think? Definitely not self-praising) by a couple of them and was later mass-added by the Nanyang Girls (And some ot...Read more

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Halloween Weekend

Sequel to the last picture of the previous blog. It isn't any halloween outfit. I attended the Love & Pride Film Festival screening at Golden Village Grand. I'm there representing 'Anniversary' and am honoured to be on stage with director of '...Read more

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Birthday Plus

So I realised I've been missing for 10 days since before my birthday. Gotta log them back in one by one. First came my birthday.I chose to be filming a NYU Tisch short film before, on, and after this special day of mine. Its basically a 5 minute short film surrounding the theme 'Basketball'.Woke up 7am on my own birthday. Thats like never happened before! Well partially because there was no part...Read more

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Oh My Cap! Jae Leung teaching you how to shop?

See how Cap Boy Jae Leung tells you tips on Shopping! I love how they address me. Capaholic.And yes, this post is pre-blogged. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!~

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For Arne, Mika and Fans

Got down to the TV station Mediacorp to support a friend in this Star Search Competition. Great job to Mika. Top 3 for today's round. Points accumulated. Keep on moving~ Met alot of long-service-award fans today! Glad to know that you folks are still so supportive. Thank you!Especially Peiyi, who first initiated to start my fanclub back in 2007, and Evonne, who is kind enough to spare me a ticket to watch the show. You guys are awesome![](/attachments/2010/10/26/00/108641_20101026004...<a href=Read more

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Buy-And-Throw-Away no more!

Its been pretty bad for me lately. Didn't have any shoot schedule since I return from HongKong, and I failed my Army Fitness Test because of some stupid stubbornness in me. Now I have till my birthday to pass it or else I'll be scheduled for remedial trainings from the Army. And worst of all, my phone suddenly crashed and I've lost all my contacts and schedule. Fortunately it wasn't much of a hassle but if you are my friend and has my contact number, please kindly do drop me a text/whatsapp/email stating who you ar...Read more

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In the mood for Halloween?

Its time to pick up those costumes and wear them out at night again! Not necessary have to be scary. But something fun and most importantly, you like it!So everyone knows I like cosplaying. That includes dressing up as a girl once in awhile for fulfilling some androgynous urges in me, or simply to piss people off.  This article speaks for itself.Recently I'm invited by a shop selling anime-...Read more

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The Land, The Air, and The Sea

The LandSo I made my way from Austin Station walking (Only to realise Kowloon station was so much nearer.. but anyway its easier for me to get to Austin station) for almost half an hour before I finally see this:And it was another long walk (though I heard loudspeakers and cheers going on from far already) of about 5 minutesRead more

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Taking off

A quick blog to update on Flugtag with Alivenotdead Team.Dropped by with Sean Tierney to help out with pushing the flying machine.Credits to Bosco and my sister Jessica for standing in the crowd under the rain to snap in a different perspective.Spot me?Pushing really hardRead more

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Willing to shoot for free

Taken from Facebook ads.Please share your views. 'Willing to shoot with you for free'???

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