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Representation of Japan's bad fashion: yellow bag + yellow stockings combined with pink heels

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Love Stalk - Short to Feature transition

Today I'd like to talk about a very important project to my journey. Love Stalk played a huge role to my life during my 3 year stay in Hong Kong from 2011-2014. And till now I'm grateful to fellow Alivenotdead artist Joe Fiorello for grabbing me into business when he filmed the award winning Short film 'Fast Love', where I met our cameraman Jona and producer Angie Palmer.

Angie, Joe and I quickly formed a team and talked...Read more

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Hello Hoozuki

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Nasty Evil Shit

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等蝦兵蟹將們教你點用條俐同兩隻手指搵食啦! 我話剝蟹咋!

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Cuddle me lots #yokoonolennon

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Jedimaster frog

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Sunday morning laughs.

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Dear friends, if you wish to travel to Japan for holidays, but do not want to crowd with other tourists and have a more private, casual yet meaningful tour according to your liking, do check out this page! Its currently all in cantonese though, will be updated very soon

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Beautiful #kusatsuonsen

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