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Belated autumn report...秋の色々

Beautiful delicious Japanese Autumn...



Driving to mountain side in my area,found pink field.They plant these "Cosmos"flowers every year among rice fields.うちから30分ちょっとドライブしていくと、コスモス畑があります。毎年休耕田に出現するピンクのお花畑。

Close up~.You can see mountain pretty close back there.後ろに山が迫ってます。

Found bee inside^^This place is really quiet that only I can hear was bee buzz....humming.周りがとっても静かなので蜂のブーンしか聞こえません。

Typical edge of rice field...straight!典型的な田舎のたんぼ。真っすぐ。ずーっと真っすぐ。

They have yellow color too^^So bright that it's hard to stare when it's sunny.黄色も半分くらい。晴れてると黄色畑は眩しくて目がちらちらする。

Look at this gorgeous "Mum".This kind of mum is specially raised with lots of care.About 30cm size!I can imagine how big effort to make this beauty.My mum raised by me...gonna show you down there↓:Pめっちゃお手入れされた直径30センチくらいの菊発見!でパチリ。すごいなあ、こんなに手入れできるなんて。私の育てた菊は下↓の方に載せます。

Persimmon柿子tree leaf.It's a miracle they turn into pretty color like this^^柿の紅葉、このまま飾っておきたいくらいきれいになりますネ。

Do you know this??He is one of "summer memory".Cicada shell...on autumn leaf.Season changes...紅葉した葉っぱの上に夏の思い出が。。。蝉の抜け殻。ノスタルジー・・・

Pure white!Love this cool shape.This flower called 秋明菊=autumn bright mum.It gives me very Japanese image but they're originally from China~.ピュアな白がステキ。すっごい日本的!なイメージの秋明菊。中国原産なんだって、知らなかった。

Yeah pure white meat of crab is nice!!isn't it?hehe...It's in season now^^ピュアホワイトな。。。蟹の身もステキ。うまうまな季節になってきました!

Big oyster(rock oyster) is gorgeous too^^It's in season too^^Ahh...looking back this pic,getting hungry:P岩ガキもええよ~。うまうま。身が大きいからミルキーなの。

Autumn is the season of this Japanese noodle too.It's called "Soba"=buckwheet.How it tastes like?It has simple mild flavor itself so we should be careful to feel light sweetness of buckwheet...it's kind of difficult.Mostly people making this noodle want to show off their expertise about Soba...really..haha秋は新そば。これは鴨汁ざるそば。そば職人の人ってなんでか「そば」を語るよね~。ま、ラーメンの人も語るけど。麺の人々はうるさい傾向にあるのね。

"Matsutake松茸"Do you know?This is the most expensive mushroom in Japan.Usually 10000yen for big one.I don't know why but it just this way.This mushroom is treasure.Oh...I didn't buy them of course!!:P My customer gave me.This year that hot weather was good for Matsutake to grow,I've heard.今年は松茸がよく取れたらしい。2回ももらった。食べたらもちろんおいしい(気がするのかも)けど、絶対!自分では買わない食材ナンバーワン。同じ1万なら別のものを食べたい・・・ってのはまだワビサビが分からないのか?!

Autumn new wine~red~beautiful^^Ah,,,it's almost gone into my stomach,forgot to take pic before drink...ダイエットしなきゃならないのに・・・やっぱ飲んじゃう。ボージョレーだし。この日はジムで運動している時から「今夜は飲んだる」と思いながらやってた(笑)

This beautiful pink- reds are raised by me.My mum^^この菊は私の。こいつらは水だけやっとけば賢く育ってくれるすばらしい品種です!

And my lulu~^^I think she gained some...maybe she no longer wears sweater from last year..LOLそして、ルル。なんだか若干お肥りになって、去年のセーターがパツパツな感じで・・・。どうしよう(汗)


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Photo 34978
seems that the flowers are smiling at you or something
over 10 years ago
Photo 69649
over 10 years ago
Photo 54683
Japanese autumn is wonderful~~^^
over 10 years ago
Photo 54683
Nature passes art. って、カンジかなぁ~:P
over 10 years ago
Photo 34128
I miss the Cosmos.
over 10 years ago


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