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1st Shanghai trip はじめての上海

My 1st Shanghai trip was very fruitful.I went there with people from Japanese company.They've just made a Shanghai office.They are #1 company for a certain material for flower shop using in Japan.They started to sell their merchandise in China.What was I doing over there?I went to see what kind of flower shops there are in Shanghai and how they are using material other than fresh flowers.It's pretty interesting working with new people.The team consists of Chinese and Japanese people.Many of them are younger than me that is v...Read more

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quick~update:P 手短に~

hello hello

how are you doing?I am FINE thank you!

now my exhibition is being held.its always so much fun sharing my works with many people.I will blog about it later.


and then after this,I'm visiting Shanghai for job.its 1st time visiting there!exciting and a bit anxious maybe haha~.I'm looking forward to visitng flower shops and markets...its going to be main work for this trip.


你...Read more

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autumn feeling♪ハロウィンとかね

how are you doing?I've been doing ok I have many topics I want to write here...but please wait until mid Nov...still too busy to put things together...haha today I would like to share autumn look flowers with you.I hope you'll like this!

你好嗎?我還好呢 我有很多的事情...很想在這里跟你分享了.但是還在超忙呢,請你等一下,我就要寫博客...十一月才再做吧.哈哈 今天我想跟你分享些秋天的花.希望你喜歡!

お元気ですか?私はまあまあですよ ...Read more

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happy moon festival~お月見ですネ♪

HI friends

loooooong long time no see.I know its the worst excuse saying "busy" ...I havent been AnD quite long time.sorry,but actually I just dont have time on line.at night there are too many stuff to work on,even no time for watching TV..haha.Im sure I will be back here blogging like before later.maybe before in late Nov or Dec I will.of course thinking about you guys always

好久好久不見了.我知道,為朋友說「很忙呢!」是最壞的借口....我好久沒來看A...Read more

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shots from North Shore Hawaii・ハワイノースショアーの風景

I love the view of North Shore in Hawaii sunshine,sky,ocean,trees,flowers....sooo bright!!

我很喜歡夏威夷NorthShore的風景 陽光,空天,大海,樹木,花...都很鮮亮!

ノースショアの風景はどこも大好きです 太陽、空、海、木々、花みんな輝いてるね!

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Hawaiian BLUE♪ハワイの青

during my trip in Hawaii,I found a lot of BLUE which in my daily life there is nothing like this.they are so beautiful~



the ocean...deep blue~light blue~got many kinds of blue!!大海...深深的藍色.淺的藍色...各種各樣的藍色.海の色は濃い青から淡い青まで色々な青色が楽しめます!

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"R for Race"for me♪レースちゃんの写真集見た?

having been here for about a year,its very fun meeting new artists and their works.

recently I got to see new one.

here~Race Wong's photo book.with Alvin Goh's styling and makeup.

this one,my frineds sent one for me from HK!


最近我見到了新作品.RaceWong的寫真集.跟AlvinGoh的styling and makeup.



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its already August!in japan the weather has been a bit strange.it rains A LOT.I mean its raining now too.it suppose to be sunshine summer time.but this year...wet wet so long time.dunno why anyway it is summer!have fun and take care everybody!!(I dont like hot weather though...)


もう8月ですね!日本では相変わらずお天気が変。雨がよく降りますよねえ。今も土砂降り。本当なら今頃はもうピーカンの暑い夏になっているはずなのに。なんだか湿っぽい日が続いて。。。なんでかなあ?とにかく、夏デスネ!暑中お見...Read more

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just made ID...still dunno how to use...



I dont know...why I cant follow some of the ID??I cant be followed by...??ha~try tomorrow...:P

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solar eclipse~!!!・日食~部分だけどネ

today in japan we had total solar eclipse which we havent seen one for 46years.the last time,my mom when she was a girl saw "diamond ring".this time in our place only partial eclipse could be seen.80% of eclipse.


今天在日本能觀測全日食!上次是46年前的.我媽媽少女的時候看見"diamond ring".這次在我的地方只能觀測部分日食.80%的日食.

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I'll be back here sooner.... ☆・゜゜・☆:。.。:☆・゜゜・☆:。.。:☆・゜゜・☆:.。.。:☆・゜゜・☆ Nice to meet you.Thanks for visiting my page! I'm a floral artist and a porcelain pai

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