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X'mas fresh flower♪クリスマスのアレンジ2010

Preparing for X'mas yet?


How about fresh flowers for a decoration?I did lessons for X'mas fresh flower arrangement.Share one with you



Image of this arrangement is "X'mas tree"....can you see it? 聖誕樹的印象。。。怎麼樣呢?クリスマスツリーのイメージで作りました。

Red flower is called "X'mas bush".Pink one is "cyclamen".I love pure red~ 紅色的花叫"Xmas bush"。粉色的是仙客來。我很喜歡純粹的紅色。クリスマスブッシュの赤はピュアで素敵です。今年はシクラメンの切り花を使いました。

Purple rose.. named "delilah".One of the most popular kind for purple rose.Familiar??紫色的玫瑰是很有名的種,叫"delilah"。看過沒有呀?紫バラの定番デリーラです。

This carnation,looked closer it has slight pink on petal.How sensitive cutie~.康乃馨有很特別的黃色和粉色。このカーネーション、よーく見ると花弁の先にうっすらピンクが。繊細な色は日本ならでは。

By the way this arrangement starts like this....hehe 這個插了這樣開始。ところで、このアレンジはこんな風にスタートしますヨ。

From top view~.從上面的shot~。上からのショット~

Nice X'mas view in mall

Swarovski X'mas tree❤I love❤I want this❤


Wish for love and peace.Have a happy X'mas day and let's keep its spirit all though the year~

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Photo 99117
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Photo 99117
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Awww these are so pretty they look like candies!!!
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Ho~ho ho ~ Wonderful time of the yr~ Merry x'mas N a happy ~~~~~~ 2011~~~~~~~~ Smile to the world n it Will smile back to us ^^
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Wishes life always happy like a morning flower growth....nvr fade! Merry Xmas Lulu!
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WOW, In what country was this Christmas Tree? Very beautiful :)
about 10 years ago


I'll be back here sooner.... ☆・゜゜・☆:。.。:☆・゜゜・☆:。.。:☆・゜゜・☆:.。.。:☆・゜゜・☆ Nice to meet you.Thanks for visiting my page! I'm a floral artist and a porcelain pai

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