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Children's day♪子供の日

May 5th is Children's day in Japan



Inspired from Carp streamers(鯉幟/see the pic below)color,I made this red n blue dots vase.Also this year marine color in trend right?


Made wollen balls~

On Children's Day, traditionally a holiday where people pray for the growth of boys, armor is displayed at home.

On this day, families often fly carp streamers outside their homes to represent strength and success


"Iris=菖蒲"(blue purple one) is the flower to decorate for Children's day.

As the fragrance of irises was believed to drive away bad air, people began to take baths with these medicinal leaves


Used some spring flowers as well.Then decorate with dolls

I haven't arranged flowers since Feb,haven't even used scissors for 2 months...longest blank in 10 years or more.Well actually haven't been working or walking for almost 2 months! I've done with knee ligament reconstruction surgery on March 4th.Fixed some cartilage too.It was tough experience for me.

And still under rehab now.Actually I've started to practise walking by myself on this monday...struggling with simple,slow,pain...terms like that...Long way to go~ In da face!Cope with it~!...add oil~!All kinds of encouragement I need 2ヶ月振りにはさみを使ったら腕が筋肉痛になった・・・自分でひいた(汗)ここ10数年でこんなに長い間、花に触らなかったのは初めてです。花を生ける楽しさとか、感じました。

あ、3月4日に無事に膝の前十字靭帯再建と軟骨損傷の修復手術が終わりました。感想としては。。。どえりゃー大変!って感じです。痛いです、なにもかも。。。今、連日リハビリです。今週の月曜からようやく松葉なしで歩く練習が始まりました!つまり、まだちゃんと歩けてません(汗)これからまだ1年くらいはかかるリハビリの日々。アスリート気分を盛り上げて、楽しくやっていきたいと思います テンション上げていかないとね!

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Villea 11 guamiruminesiyon1
almost 10 years ago
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it's beautiful. I hope your knee is healing well. Take care xx
almost 10 years ago
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Hello Hikaru, been yrs since I dropped in! lots of water has gone under the bridge and most times I forgot completely about alivenotdead! I hope you're better from yr knee surgery. Yr flowers are just as pretty and I particularly love that doggie in the picture (your doggie?). I have 2 dogs - do feel free to visit at www.tooki-mimopakl.blogspot.com. I am with pets blogroll and who knows you may want to start a pet blog there...:)
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o hi sa shi bu li, sis :)
almost 10 years ago
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Keep up the good work my friend and all the best for this year take care
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I'll be back here sooner.... ☆・゜゜・☆:。.。:☆・゜゜・☆:。.。:☆・゜゜・☆:.。.。:☆・゜゜・☆ Nice to meet you.Thanks for visiting my page! I'm a floral artist and a porcelain pai

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