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Halloween flowers♪ハロウィンのお花


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Wedding DIY lesson♪自分でブーケ

Hi everyone!Have you guys spent a happy Mid Autumn Festival(中秋)?I did looked up at the sky!Yea there was a beautiful full moon Actually in Japan this event is not so big as one in Chinese culture.We know it's special day,however most of us don't do any particular act for Mid Autumn Fes.After I've joined AnD,got to know more Chinese friends and leared their culture,then now I feel special about this Fes.It's good be like this Right...Read more

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Preparing for Moon fes...お月見レッスン♪

Moon festival is yet to come...just for a suggestion

I had lessons for Moon festival arrangement the other day.I'd like to show you some photos today.It's still very hot and humid in Japan,so that I have to prepare fresh flowers that are strong against heat otherwise we will be able to enjoy the shape but very short time..ha.I think this time,this arrangement would keep its beauty at least 5days or so I hate global warmin...Read more

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Fancy photo stand♪絵本な写真立て


Why it's been so HOT?? On my twitter Japanese friends still tweet "A TSU I=HOT" everyday.When sun beats like hell afternoon,in my work cabin air conditioner doesn't catch up with the heat from sealing...god...it's just...HOT from my...Read more

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Autumn wind...秋の気配

Hi how have you been?Having a blast summer yet?I...ah...so far,am having one it's quite calm..haha  Maybe I should be hurry up for fun!! Because....

Hi你過得怎麼樣呢?有快樂的夏天呢?我...啊...還沒...其實今年的夏天很靜靜...哈哈 我應該急着尋找快樂的活動嘛!!因為...

いかがお過ごしですか~?ワタクシ。。。まあ、今年の夏は超地味に、暮らしております。いやん 恐らく、いっそいで楽しい事を探して行かないとダメですね!!なぜなら・・・

Look at this sky!你看!見て!

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Flowers=sweet scented❤...not always/臭い花?

Have you ever seen this flower??




Hi!It's so hot weekend afternoon.I was watching TV news...very rare flower is now blooming in Tokyo(小石川植物園).Many people are standing in line to take a look of this flower which has finally bloomed after 19 years of growing here.I...Read more

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Lotus-summer beauty・やっぱり蓮が好き

Latest painting...share with you 最新我画的陶器,和你分享吧 最近描いた絵付けをご紹介します

I've got ordered 20 trays to be done by next weekend.Costomer has seen lotus flower I'd drawn before,then decided to order lotus tray for this time.It's always happy people actually liked my paintings and to be ordered again.Thank you very much

下周末前我要完成了訂貨的二十個陶器托盤.客...Read more

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Summer bouquet style/夏のさっぱり系

Ah...it's so humid...on Twitter my friends always tweet "Hot n humid" first thing in the morning How's it in your place?I know that Beijing and NY is daaam hot!Right?

啊...濕度超高呢...在Twitter我的朋友每天早上tweet"太熱和太潮濕" 在你的地方怎麼樣?我知道北京和NY非常熱,對嘛?

ああ、湿っぽい。ついったーでは毎朝友人が「あつい」としか言わない ていうか、実際暑いね。皆さんの所ではどうですか?北京とニューヨークはありえないくらい暑いらしいネ。

In summer I like air...Read more

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Made history-world cup2010*サッカーネタ

I should write this for today's blog...今日はやっぱサッカーでしょ!


Japan made history by reaching the second round of World Cup for the first time on foreign soil!!


Never give up is what we need I and many of Japanese people never expected that we would win this game vs Denmark.This morning 3:30am-,many Japanese were sitting in front of TV,I was one of them.Actually I am not so much...Read more

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blush like a peony❤ポッ

Today in our area the rainy season has set in We're suppose to have cloudy or rainy day for about a month or longer.Actually I love rainy day if it's dropping quiet water...I forgot to show you beautiful early summer maple green in May..well gonna show you today It is typical Japanese green season mountain view,very soft and young leaves growing that bring us really fresh air!I took this photo at shine near my house.

今天我的地方入梅了.一個多月我們應...Read more

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I'll be back here sooner.... ☆・゜゜・☆:。.。:☆・゜゜・☆:。.。:☆・゜゜・☆:.。.。:☆・゜゜・☆ Nice to meet you.Thanks for visiting my page! I'm a floral artist and a porcelain pai

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