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quiet place in HK 香港で静かな場所って…

my honest impression about city of HK is....very noisy~ 说实话 我的印象对香港是。。。很喧闹的~ はっきり言って、香港の感想っていうと。。。うるさい

I mean...the streets and the blocks are not so big but there are soooo many people everywhere.many places are under construction making big noise.I was living in tokyo long time so that I think I am use to big city but hey~HK is nothing like in tokyo!during my stay I'v...Read more

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flowers in HK and birds singing~香港のお花と小鳥

I went to see flowers in HK.it was very interesting looking around flower market.I found that they have almost same kinds of flowers we have in japan.I've checked flower names in chinese.at first I was just looking around...but then I started to take notes of flower names.patrick and cocoa,thanks for waiting during my memo memo time~.


香港のフラワーマーケットに行きました。ほとんど日本で売っているお花と同じ種類のものが揃っています。中国語名で書いてあるお花を見るのは結構勉強になりました。最...Read more

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HK trip part3♪香港旅その3(まだあるのだ・・・)

on the 3rd day...also we've met with AnD artists so lucky me~.its really interesting to hear other artists experiences and stories.those are very fresh to me.people in HK gave me positive power.hehe~

第三天。。。我还见到了AnDartists 很幸运的我~。听很多artists的体验和话题是非常很有意思的事。那个都很新鲜。在香港的人给我积极的看法,呵呵~

三日目。。。またまたAnDアーティストに会えました ラッキーですネ。彼らの体験やお話は結構面白くて新鮮でした。香港に住んでいる人はポジティブなパワーをくれますねえ~。

met...Read more

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HK tirp part2♪香港旅その2

many tourist come to japan and go see temples and shrines,right?as I am a tourist,I wanted to visit chinese temple.the style of temple is similar but its different from ours.I can see its more colorful in china.lots of red,yellow and gold colors.when I was taking photos I felt a bit sorry because its sacred place for chinese people.I hope I didn't disturb it.

很多游客来日本想去看「神社」「寺」,是不是?因我是一个游客我也想去看中国杨式的庙。这个样式跟日本的 我会找到些共同点但是很不一样的。比日本的有很多颜色。我看见很多红色,黄色和金色。我拍相片的时候 我感觉有点不好意思 因为这个是为中国人很神圣的地方嘛。希望我没打搅。

日本に来る外国人観光客がみんな神社仏閣を見に行くのと同じ...Read more

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HK trip part 1♪ 香港旅その1

first I'd like to say thank you to all the people who shared their time for me.its really really nice meeting with friends.all of them are from this site.yeah~AnD is amazing



1st day

met with cocoa at the HK airport~.started our trip!nice meeting with...Read more

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thanks HK!! 香港楽しかったですぅ~

hello my friends backed from HK trip last night.its so busy and amazing trip!I've met with many AnD artists and friends.I will blog about it....wait wait~its comming soon.tonight things are a bit busy.backed to daily life so~

晚上好 昨晚我回香港来了。这是很忙和很开心的!我见到了很多AnD artists和朋友。我快要写博客呢。。。等等~。因为今晚些事有点忙。我要做日常生活吧~

皆様、こんばんは Read more

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sweet sweet❤スイートな・・・

Happy birthday alive not dead

2years old!sooo fresh~.

I am so happy that I could join this site.

saw some pics from the party.looks very cool!

many of us(japanese AnD friends)couldn't make it.

we all are thinking about visiting 3years old party already...right?




its mother's day today

you all h...Read more

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soon its mother's day~もうすぐ母の日

next sunday is Mother's day 这个星期天是母亲节 今度の日曜は母の日です

have you prepared for your present yet?准备好了吗?プレゼントの準備は出来ましたか?

now I'm working on gifts.我在做呢。ただいま製作中。

busy busy~ 很忙很忙 忙しいね~

show you some pics from my work house.和你分享我工作的相片呢。作業中の様子を載せますね

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met with AnD artist in Kyoto~京都でオフ会

AnD artist Simon Brading is now in japan traveling.I had a chance meeting with him in kyoto.my friend radwynn and koko planned a special one day trip for us.I enjoyed so much thank you for everything ladies.

AnD艺术家SimonBrading在来日本旅行呢。在京都我见到他了。我的好友radwynn和koko拟定了一天京都旅游计划。我们都过了很开心的时间 多谢她们。

オフィシャルアーテ...Read more

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go me n ne~sorry:P

thanks for messages on blog and guestbook~ 谢谢你写给我留言。

this week...just crazy busy...you know it 这个星期我超忙呢。你知道嘛。

so many things have to be done before holiday.假期快要到了,很多的事我要做完了。

I will write you back on weekend or later~我就回复写给你。。。周末或下个星期。


**so~if you need me please give me a e-mail.sometimes can't check PM.所以呢,如果你用我的话 请你用电邮写给我。用PM有时我不能来看。急用はメールでお願い...Read more

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I'll be back here sooner.... ☆・゜゜・☆:。.。:☆・゜゜・☆:。.。:☆・゜゜・☆:.。.。:☆・゜゜・☆ Nice to meet you.Thanks for visiting my page! I'm a floral artist and a porcelain pai

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