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It's good to be back in Hong Kong

and it's even better that i'm getting to work on a very lovely project...emotional purging...something i so often need, and the best place i know how to put it is thru the characters i get to play...

every time i come back, it feels like i never left...i immediately fall back into the pace, the place, all of it...hoping that this project will be the first of many this year and beyond...and appreciating how special it is that she chose me for this beautiful piece...am honored, and over joyed...even with th...Read more

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just close your eyes and remember...

happy new year first of all.  i had a lovely holiday spent with my siblings and their significant others and of course seth, our favorite family dog, up in the mountains at kirkwood...in a gorgeous huge cabin that my mother so generously got for us, and was expected to have been there with us only to have been held up by shooting...her absence made me so sad, i was so looking forward to quality time with my mom...i'm not a pro boarder like my sisters and bro, i'm the one who cuddles in a chair next to the fire wit...Read more

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FOG is opening the HK indie film festival on NOV 13th and i will be heading out that way to attend and celebrate with our lovely cast and some other FOG family members...Kit, Patrick, Terence, Phat, we'll all be there and hope you can come and join the fun...good times...good times...

Please come and support the HK premiere of FOG at the HK Indie Film Festival!

The director ...Read more

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In a FOG

well, i AM in a fog, but that's another story...i'm also in FOG, which is premiering in LA at the ID FILM FEST on OCT 8TH at 7PM and you can watch TERENCE YIN walk around in the state of mind i think many of us find ourselves in at one point or another... KIT HUI directed this, and she's going to come all the way from London to be here and ...Read more

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the la asian film fest is happening starting this thursday, the 29th, and STRANGERS will be showing on SUNDAY MAY 2nd at the SUNSET 5 theater at 9PM!  yay!  if you're in la, come, watch, laugh, cry, yell, enjoy...i'm excited to see it here with all of our cast and crew who worked so hard for nothing. it'll be like a reunion/wrap party/celebration.  hope some of you can make it and see this beautifully shot piece...come, say hi...don't be a stranger.    and...thank you...

...Read more
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thank you for those of you who came to the FOG screenings in SF.  it's always lovely to go up there, especially since my sister and brother and brother in law and their adorable dog seth is there to make me smile.  NOW, i'm getting ready for STRANGERS screenings at upcoming festivals...next weekend, STRANGERS will play at the CHICAGO ASIAN AMERICAN SHOWCASE on APRIL 10th.  MICHAEL AKI, the director of STRANGERS, also has recut his cult fave SUNSETS and it will be screening there in chicago on APRIL 9th.  both are awesome examples of hi...Read more

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SCREENINGS in SF this weekend

a movie i did, FOG, with some people you might be familiar with, TERENCE YIN, and KIT HUI, amongst other awesome AnD members is screening at the SFIAFF.  i'll be heading up there this weekend for the premiere along with terence and kit and there will be an after party and an AnD event up there on saturday as well.  those of you in the area, hope you get to come on by for a visit.  i promise to post...Read more

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the passion project i mentioned a while ago is finally completed...STRANGERS will have a screening in los angeles on feb. 11th  at the JAPANESE AMERICAN NATIONAL MUSEUM at 111 N. CENTRAL AVE., LOS ANGELES, CA 90012.  doors open at 6, but the movie will begin at 7:30.  for those of you who would like to attend, entry is free, but is on a first come,...Read more

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so, it's been like 800 years since my last post...but here it is...so much has happened since 800 years ago that i have to just do the cliffs notes version here...last year i did a movie called "strangers" with my team "cinehous." it's in final post stages now but i'm very proud of it, proud of our team, for making something i feel is quite beautiful out of so very little money and resources.  i'll be writing more about it soon as we start submitting to festivals and so forth...i then was in hong kong and shot my...Read more

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