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full moon

i absolutely LOVE the full moon.  it always makes me smile when i look up and there's this hugeass yellow circle in the middle of the sky...yes, yellow, when it's tainted with la poilution the way i'm used to seeing it...sure it's also gorgeous all bright white light...my favorite time to see the full moon is at around 4am when it's quiet out and the new day is about to start, a clean slate, a fresh start, and there it is, HUGE and FULL and so fucking beautiful.

i have a friend who used to watch the full moons with me, a...Read more

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small world

it never ceases to amaze me just how fucking small this world is...it's scaryass small, is how small it is.  scary.ass.small....too much has happened in just the past month that has made me freak out at how the world works, how the universe gives you back what you put out, how karma...happens...i don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing that this world is so small.  but too bad, it IS, it happens, and so...i guess there's no point in being freaked out by coincidences and such, maybe whatever's supposed to happen...just h...Read more

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it's funny, i read my sister marsha's blog and she lost this whole thing she'd written and that happened to ME last week when i attempted to blog for the second time in my life and i was so pissed off by my lost efforts that it took me another week to gather up the courage and strength and will to write again...i can't be nearly as humorous as i was that day...trust me, it was a good one...oh well...

i think i want to write about the dude at the coffee place the other day.  walked up it was my turn, and the guy had this hugeas...Read more

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Welcome to my alive not dead page!

hi...um, i've never blogged before, so here it goes:  i'm really grateful to be a part of the alivenotdead community of artists and to have my profile on their site.  it's great to be involved with a group of independent talented hardworking and fun people whose aim is to spread the wealth towards everyone...you don't get that much anymore in this world, and especially in this business...

thank you for visiting my site and checking out what's happening with, where i'm going with, whatever els...Read more

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