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jet lag

well, that was a short trip.  way too short.  didn't do or see nearly as much as i wanted to. only caught up on the time thing two nites ago!  and now i'm heading back and have to readjust yet again...oy...good times here tho...good times...we had a great shoot in macau and then great chats with kit for the movie...i love working with her so much.  this is what i love, indie, passionate projects, where everyone is kind, giving, caring, loving, true...

i got to see eugene pao last nite playing the blues.  he rocked, as always.  it'...Read more

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shooting with kit and t

so, we went to macau the other day and did some really tough shooting, i'm talking HARD WORK. hehe.  no, it was a great day, a fun shoot, and a lovely time with friends...it's great to actually be starting this project that we've talked about for so long and hoped for...the chance to work together...and it's all as we had hoped it would be. sure, there will be difficulties, but it's going to be a fun ride...my trip this time to hk is brief.  i'm back to la soon and then i'll be back to hk towards xmas to sh...Read more

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i feel sooooo lucky

suddenly, out of nowhere, i am about to shoot two movies.  one here in los angeles, a slasher flick, hehe, who saw that one coming, right?  and then one in hk, with my favorite people...i can't wait!  i'm so excited to go back to hk soon, next week, and work with t and kit.  i feel so incredibly happy with everything right now...and i think i'll even be in hk for one of eugene's gigs!  and audiotraffic too!  yay!!!  

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back in la

didn't i JUST say i was in transit? oy...in some ways i feel like that trip was forever long and in others, way too short.  in everything, i guess there is always good and bad, but why?  WHY???  can't it all be good? i guess not...it was a trying trip...a lot happened. and it was not all pretty.  i'm still recovering...live and learn...but i DID get to see my mom and my sister, so that was good...mom stayed at my hotel and my sis joined us for breakfast twice, so that was a good thing...rock, thank you for the dvd, sorry we didn't ...Read more

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in transit

well, i left la today and am in sf now for a three hour transit before heading to hk for less than 2 days and then singapore. i'm bummed i won't get to see probably any of my friends while i'm there for such a short visit.  i don't even know if i'll get to see my mom and my sister, but i hope so.  i feel like i've been away for so long now.  i'm already wondering how i'm going to hit my favorite places somehow and squeeze in a massage!  flying really bums me out.  especially the red eye.  taking a red eye, internati...Read more

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harvest moon

funny, the last blog i wrote was about the moon, and here i am again, moon time...but this is the big one.  the HUGE MOMMA one that i love so much...i hope everyone looks up and sees the lovely moon and smiles and thinks happy thoughts and feels the light that it shines right thru into your body...enjoy...

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lunar eclipse

since i wrote once before about how much i love the full moon, it's probably not a surprise that i'm in a very happy mood today...last nite, i saw the moon when it was full, then woke up in the middle of the nite and saw it as a tiny sliver, having missed the eclipse, unfortunately, but then at 6:15am it was this humongo full yellow moon in the middle of the sky again and it was just...gorgeous...again, i'm smiling...how is it that sometimes something so simple can make me so happy and then sometimes it seems impossible to be happy ...Read more

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i miss hong kong

i really miss hong kong.  i miss being able to go to shanghai and see my twin nieces and get big hugs and juicy kisses from them. i miss the rituals marsh and i always had in hk together.  the inside jokes.  the loud constant laughter.  being able to drop by the alivenotdead office with cookies and just to hang out.  miss going to watch eugene pao play live...awesome.  all of my great friends over there...i miss hong kong...

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i emailed my sister today and she mentioned the freaking idiot and i could use so many prettier words, but i'll try to control myself, and the cruel, idiotic, horrid remarks he made and i became so enraged that i felt like i could seriously beat someone up.  i don't like feeling this way.  but i find that when marsha or any of my sisters gets hurt by someone i can become so crazily angry that it's a bit scary. i know everyone feels that passionate about someone in their life.  why do people need to be so angry, or be driven to such degrees ...Read more

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i just watched the most amazing movie...it's called "Once" and it's this beautiful irish movie that's a lovely story told almost as a musical...i'd seen the trailer and i knew i wanted to catch it and i was worried i had missed it by the time i got back to la...but i didn't.  and it just...you feel so peaceful and happy and hopeful while you watch the movie...i cried, but then again, i'm told i cry at any and all movies.  but i loved the music and they were so passionate and full of heart and love and it made you look a...Read more

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