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It's good to be back in Hong Kong

and it's even better that i'm getting to work on a very lovely project...emotional purging...something i so often need, and the best place i know how to put it is thru the characters i get to play...

every time i come back, it feels like i never left...i immediately fall back into the pace, the place, all of it...hoping that this project will be the first of many this year and beyond...and appreciating how special it is that she chose me for this beautiful piece...am honored, and over joyed...even with the painful purging, i'm at the end of such days, so blissfully happy and can't wait to go back for more...

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It's good to have you back in HK!!!
over 9 years ago
Admin bear cimg7673
welcome back!
over 9 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
over 9 years ago
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i've been gone for two weeks and i'm looking forward to getting back ASAP! ;-)
over 9 years ago


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