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the passion project i mentioned a while ago is finally completed...STRANGERS will have a screening in los angeles on feb. 11th  at the JAPANESE AMERICAN NATIONAL MUSEUM at 111 N. CENTRAL AVE., LOS ANGELES, CA 90012.  doors open at 6, but the movie will begin at 7:30.  for those of you who would like to attend, entry is free, but is on a first come, first serve basis.  i'm very proud of the outcome after a lot of hard work by our cinehous team...michael aki, pryor praczukowski, robert burke, matt westmore, bill poon, and debuting our new star, eugene costello...this was definitely a passion project for us all, but especially michael and pryor who worked so hard on this from day one, to day 8005.  hope some of you can go out and catch it and...enjoy.  thank you and happy chinese new year to everyone!!  may this year be a much better one than 2009...

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMU9oPbaQdM

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
looks interesting! hope the screening goes well!
about 10 years ago
Photo 31610
Hi Eug The Trailer of Strangers look fabulous. A huge congrats. Hope to catch it at another screening. Happy Chinese New Year. xoxo Elizabeth
about 10 years ago
Photo 32522
Can't wait to see it!
about 10 years ago
Photo 62424
Looks very exciting! Will there be a screening in HK at all later?
about 10 years ago
Photo 51673
congratulations! that is one huge guy that grabbed you!
about 10 years ago
Gracehuang bc gracehuangprofilepic3
Congrats! Hope we get to see it in HK!
about 10 years ago
Photo 30048
Cool, I live right down the street from there. I'll plan on checking it out.
about 10 years ago
Photo 73131
Creepy! Yet so stylish.
about 10 years ago
Photo 32914
what men will do to take you home.
about 10 years ago
Nadiahatta 25 nadiahatta
Congrats, Eugenia, on completing your passion project! Inform us if it releases in Asia !
about 10 years ago
Photo 22998
AHHHHHHHH!!!!! I just saw this and it is showing in less than two hours. I could never make it there in rush hour traffic. So disappointed. I wish I knew earlier. :(
about 10 years ago
Photo 32522
I dig the poster.
about 10 years ago


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