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so, it's been like 800 years since my last post...but here it is...so much has happened since 800 years ago that i have to just do the cliffs notes version here...last year i did a movie called "strangers" with my team "cinehous." it's in final post stages now but i'm very proud of it, proud of our team, for making something i feel is quite beautiful out of so very little money and resources.  i'll be writing more about it soon as we start submitting to festivals and so forth...i then was in hong kong and shot my first short film, which was dedicated to my uncle who i miss so much.  it was a challenging experience directing for the first time.  but it was a good taste and i want to do more in the future.  i think the best part was having my mom and my sister there for the screening with me, knowing where the story came from, knowing where i'd come from...we all cried happy sad tears...like i said, i miss my uncle.  very much. 

so then i went to europe...my first travel alone experience. and it was absolutely wonderful. i've dreamed of going to europe since forever and finally i did it. and altho i was scared i would get mugged, killed, lost there, (yeah, i'm slightly dramatic), i was none of those things, and it was just...everything i wanted it to be...and more.  then, by some miracle, during the last 3 days of my stay there, i got a movie, a romantic comedy, "will's diaries" and was able to stay in london to shoot for another month.  that was a great experience as well.  i was so lucky to get to stay longer in london, and to see other places where we shot, like stratford upon avon, where shakespeare lived...it was all just gorgeous there.  the weather happened to be perfect, which, lucky me cuz i fear cold like no tomorrow.  i've always wanted to do a romantic comedy, and here i was, in london, playing The Girl, with brit humor...loved it.  then i went back to la for a short stint where i got to see michael aki's "sunsets" play in its new recut redux version.  you can see how talented he is in the movies he creates..."strangers" will again display that talent combined with the gorgeous cinematography of pryor praczukowski...our cinehous team...and now, i'm back in hong kong, getting ready to shoot dax phelan's "jasmine" with jason tobin.  excited for that too.  have wanted to work with jason for a while now and here's our chance...there is also a fine arts photo exhibit that will open this saturday, the 14th, with a lovely reception...monique lai, a good friend of mine, and also a very talented photographer shot these of me this past summer here in hong kong...they're personal for both of us...maybe a little too much is exposed in these pics actually! i don't mean nudity wise. i mean emotion...haha.  but that's what's so beautiful about them...how raw and revealing they are...so there you go...a little update.  hopefully it won't take another 800 years for my next blog...i wish all good things, lots of good times, for everyone...oh my gosh, i almost forgot why i titled this "cockroach."  my welcome back to hong kong was a gigantour nastyass cockroach greeting me in the kitchen.  nice.  gotta love hong kong.  there's always someone to welcome you back.

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Thanks for the cool update Eugenia! Cheers.
over 10 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
uggggg.... did u kill the cockroach? congrats on all the projects! if i went to europe by myself FOR SURE i would get lost. many many times over.
over 10 years ago
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nice! I didn't know you were working on Jasmine, too! btw, nice finally meeting you that one night at GR/eats for Goh's gig. met your sis at the AnD Halloween party, too! haha
over 10 years ago
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welcome back! yeah, HK desensitizes you to cockroaches after a while...
over 10 years ago
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good to (re)meet you again last night eugenia! i look forward to seeing will's diaries one day.
over 10 years ago


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