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happy new year!

i haven't written since forever...and this is just going to be a short one, but i'll write more later...i just wanted to wish everyone a very happy chinese new year!  and may everyone experience good times, good friends, good health in this year of the ox!  write more soon!  take care

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our little movie

so, it's been a while.  we're still working away on our little movie...yesterday, we saw a first edit of a scene we shot the weekend before, and...it looks like our little movie might just be...well, wonderful.  i felt so proud of michael, and pryor, and even me! hehe.  it feels good to see that what we're struggling to do is looking exactly like what we wanted it to be...the next few weekends will be filled with tough shoots, but that's ok.  we're doing good, having fun, working hard...i feel like i could do only these m...Read more

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so we're still shooting our passion project, and i guess i'll have to find out if it's ok to say the name of it so that i can spill it, but i can never get quite used to having a gun pointed at me, fake or not.  i get angry when it's pointed around me either in play or whatever, yet i realized that once that camera is on, and i'm in character, nothing really phases me...everything is real and fake.  does that even make sense? probably not...it's just, i guess, that i'm not bothered...cuz it's supposed to be there, i&#...Read more

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shooting and other tangents

so we've still been shooting, plugging away...small crew of us, four actually to be exact...perfect...the other nite we shot in a hotel room...transformed it into a lovely set...it's amazing what lighting can do to a comfort inn...the best part of shooting passion projects is the laughing, laughing, laughing...i'm not sure EVERYONE found it entertaining, but two out of four did...and as long as i'm one of the two laughing my ass off like some crazed hyena, it's all good, hehe. 

it is freaking HOT in la...Read more

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hong kong trip

so, i had another one of my quick trips over to hong kong...i went over for the awards ceremony, which i attended with my mom, marsh, and harry...was fun cuz, well, my mom is pretty much the coolest person on earth.  i really don't dig those types of events tho, i prefer to hide thank you very much.  ha.  other than that, i did a photo shoot for my talented and lovely sweet friend gosia's fabulous jewelry line...it was the first time marsh and i took pics together, so that was an interesting experience cuz we were wondering if we took ...Read more

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the oscars

so, i must say i'm a sucker for the oscars...it's something i look forward to, the dresses, the movie stars, guessing who will win, all of it, i love it.  i have some great oscar memories...one, the year i went to the oscars with my mom and crouching tiger...that was awesome. i sat in the 9th row, 2nd seat from the aisle, between my mom and ziyi. i bought this red dress from like ABS or something, definitely cost less than probably the socks some of the men were wearing...and i remember being pulled aside on the red carpet and asked who ma...Read more

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chinese new year

i feel like a cheater when it comes to new year's resolutions...cuz i always give myself til chinese new year to really make any big changes or push myself to do what i said i'd do in the new year...you know, get rid of this, start doing that, clean house, build house...but i feel like i just went through this process...and it's already been a year...or has it been more than that?  what i always promise myself is that i won't be saying the same things, making the same resolutions this year, as i did last year, cuz that would ...Read more

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not happy to be home

i am back in la. got in two days ago.  left everyone behind...sisters, bro, mom, cousins, uncle, nieces, godson, my twin nieces/my babies, everyone...and i'm back here in la, upset that i'm so far away...i had to come back cuz they had a slasher schedule, then they rescheduled but it was too late to change the flight and well whatever...i'm here.  they're there.  i miss everyone. i miss hk...i had a great time shooting with t and kit.  i was so worried about the cantonese and perfecting it along with the acting, and when ...Read more

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so, i was supposed to start the slasher like way back when, and like anything in this business, it kept getting pushed, and pushed, and now it's supposedly happening in january, but...who knows? meanwhile, i continue to get in slasher mode...ha...i leave for hk this week, yay!!  going to work with kit and t on the project that they've already been working on, which i hear is going great.  i can't wait!  i'm so lucky to get to work with friends who are so talented and kind and just good people...that's the best...

i'll...Read more

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can you believe i ALMOST didn't write about the full moon?

yes, i watched it. stared at it. smiled up at it. woke up at 4am to see it again.  i'm psycho.  i LOVE that full moon.  and for some reason, i feel especially happy right now, like finally things are coming together...and i'm so grateful.  so very grateful. i feel so lucky to get to work with friends, be around friends i love, hang out with people who make me laugh, feel, learn, be aware, and...dance!  hehe.  i've been jumping around lately to stevie wonder's "for once in my ...Read more

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