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A New Video Gift - The Bird Which Soareth

I would like to share a gift of a video that we just completed for one of the songs on my most recent album, Fire and Gold.  The song is titled, ‘The Bird Which Soareth’ and we thought it would make a perfect video because of the evocative imagery in the words by Baha’u'llah.  The words, used in Book 1 of the Ruhi series, describe the relationship between the material and the...Read more

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A World in Turmoil

Reading the news these days can be very depressing.  It seems that every corner of the globe is being battered by economic problems, environmental problems, social problems…  And even all the experts and leaders, who used to talk with such conviction, all throw up their hands and say they don’t know what to do!  But as a Baha’i I believe this is part of the process of the birth of a new kind of world, one global in scope and fundamentally spiritual in nature.  These tests and this suffer...Read more

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A Chinese CD!

My next project that I have been waiting to share with you (and have worked on in tandem with the love and marriage project) is a Chinese CD!  Many of my friends have often asked me when I would do one as there is such a need for inspirational Chinese material.  I am excited that it is beginning to come together and Jarome will be coming to assist with the recording and production of the CD in November!

We will be using several of the ‘ Read more

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A Unique Musician

Recently I came across the music of an independent artist – India.Arie.  My niece, who was visiting from the US, introduced me to her music.  What fascinates me about her are the themes she chooses to explore and her bold lyrics.  India.Arie writes a lot about growth, positive change, respecting yourself and others. In Wings of Forgiveness, she writes,

**I’m only human,

let’s shake free this gravity of resentment

And fly high.

You’re only human,

<...Read more
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Quotations on Love

The marriage CD project is now in full swing and almost all the vocals have been recorded.  We are now working on adding live instrumentation to the pieces.  I look forward to going over all the songs with Jarome, hearing the different live instruments that were recently recorded and choosing the best parts.  I did not have the opportunity to do that in person with Jarome for the ‘Fire and Gold’ CD and am cherishing the chance to do so this time. As I had written in a previous Read more

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An Amazing Duo

One of my highlights last week was having Phil and Keith over to our home.  They are both such talented, sweet, charming and humble gentleman!  It is truly hard to find musicians of such caliber who remain down to earth, friendly and so open to working with other musicians.

Before they came over, Phil had encouraged me to find some jazz songs that I wanted to learn and sing so I started searching for my favorites to rehearse together.  When they arrived, we spent several h...Read more

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A Triumph of the Human Spirit

What a moving experience watching the Paralympics in the Birds Nest this morning! I wasn’t expecting to be so touched by the athletic games. We watched several events - the discuss throw, shot put, 200m mens and womens wheelchair tricycle races were among several of the events (by the way, China won all the races I just mentioned)! What brought me to tears was watching the men’s 400m running race. All the competitors had to run with guides by their sides as they were all blind. Being a witness to how far they have come and ...Read more

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A Blissful Sunday - Part II

Now I must tell you about the second part of our blissful Sunday - the gorgeous wedding we attended. Youlia and Jose - the bride and groom to be - had invited me to sing one of the pieces from my upcoming CD on love and marriage. Up till now, I have sung the same piece for 5 weddings this year (love is definitely in the air)! For all the previous weddings, I had sung the marriage prayer with Martin Kerr as a duet on the original recording so I felt it was time for a ...Read more

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A Blissful Sunday - Part I

You know how once in awhile you have one of those blissful days that is rich in seeing nature, being with dear friends, tasting great food and celebrating a wedding?! Well - it doesn’t happen very often… but last Sunday was one of those days. I will have to write about it in two blogs as there is too much share and too many photos to view.

I will start in chronological order… I’ll begin by describing the color of the sky! I know that’s an unusual place to start (and an odd topic) but I have to tell you that in the ten y...Read more

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Phil Morrison Trio in Beijing

“Good luck Beijing!” is the title of one of the 30 songs chosen for the Beijing Olympics. It is a song written by two talented and professional musicians from Georgia, USA - Phil Morrison and Keith Williams. They are now performing almost nightly at the Hilton Hotel Wangfujing in Beijing and are [...]

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