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Birds of Love has arrived!

The Birds of Love CD and book were finally delivered to our home yesterday!  It’s so exciting to see the final product and I’m so pleased with how it turned out.  You can read about this project in more detail by reading my previous post and can listen to one of the tracks on the [...]

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Where There is Love

Now that Birds of Love is almost complete, I’m feeling so grateful for all the assistance I have had in finishing this project.  I would primarily like to thank Jarome, my producer, who so creatively worked on all the songs and tirelessly made sure this project was always on schedule.  It is because of his [...]

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Birds of Love (Part II)

Part of the purpose of creating Birds of Love was so that it could be used as a gift for weddings, anniversaries, engagements or similar occasions.  I promised to share more details about Birds of Love, so here goes…  

Birds of Love includes a 5 song album from varied sources and additionally has 5 instrumental tracks for live performances.  The thought behind the instrumentals is that the live versions can be used for any special occasions, especially weddings and can be used during the program.  Someone could be asked or hir...Read more

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Birds of Love Dedication

I’m embarrassed to admit that I forgot yesterday was my wedding anniversary!  Fortunately my husband forgot too until he saw the date on his phone!  At first I was so disappointed because I’m usually very conscientious about such things and pride myself in remembering birthdays and anniversaries.  It’s ironic since I’m about to release a new CD and book of quotes for weddings, anniversaries and loved ones called Birds of Love .  I have been working doubly hard to get the package released this month and have been ext...Read more

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An Adventurous Safari

I was raised in Kenya but it may surprise you to know that only recently I went on my first real safari!  My friends were amazed to hear that it was my first as Kenya is well-known for its wildlife.  We were visiting my family in Africa after 5 years.  We travelled to the  Maasai Mara which is a large park reserve in South-Western Kenya and stayed for several days.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect as I had heard wonderful stories about the Maasai Mara and how it is famous for ...Read more

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For this festive season: This Earthly Plane

It has been a long time since I have been able to post to my blog with all the final decisions I’ve had to make for my new CD Birds of Love.

I’ve been thinking of the holiday season upon us and was thinking about how many listen to certain kinds of music during this festive, almost magical time of year. It seems people’s attitudes change and they become almost more spiritual, compassionate, and generous in their nature....Read more

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Chinese Childrens Songs

I would like to share a link of Chinese Children’s songs from the Ruhi Series.  What distinguishes these songs from other Book 3 songs is that half of them are new and have very catchy melodies.  The new songs also have some Chinese instrumentation on a few of them and the lyrics are different too.  Several wonderful musicians and a talented producer worked on this project and sacrificed their time to make it available within a short period of time.  

On the link provided below, you can download the songs for free as well as t...Read more

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An Inspiring Conference in Manila

A few days ago I returned from a wonderful regional Baha’i conference in the city of Manila - the capital of the Philippines.  There were over 1,000 Baha’is attending from 8 different countries in Asia to celebrate achievements that have been made and to consult about how to be more effective in our service to humanity.  The conference was a short and intense 2 days, yet very inspiring as there were talks and workshops to enable the participants to plan and set goals for t...Read more

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Birds of Love

With all the excitement that I shared with you in my last blog about all the talented musicians, I neglected to tell you about some of the other exciting projects that I worked on with Jarome while he was in China.  I’m thrilled to inform you that I plan to release the love and marriage themed CD mid to end of January 2009 (if all goes smoothly)!  It is entitled, ‘Birds of Love’.  The vocals have all been recorded and Jarome is now working on mixing each of the songs.  The music will sound in...Read more

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All the Talented Musicians

What an amazing last couple of weeks I have had!   Jarome Matthew, my producer, and his lovely wife Felisha were here visiting from Vancouver to help out with a Chinese CD project that we are working on.  We accomplished all that we set out to do and recorded several incredibly talented musicians in the studio.  The first artist we recorded was talented musician, Jin R, on her beautiful Yang Qin.  The Yang Qin is a C...Read more

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