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A Chinese CD!

My next project that I have been waiting to share with you (and have worked on in tandem with the love and marriage project) is a Chinese CD!  Many of my friends have often asked me when I would do one as there is such a need for inspirational Chinese material.  I am excited that it is beginning to come together and Jarome will be coming to assist with the recording and production of the CD in November!

We will be using several of the ‘ Fire and Gold‘ songs and translating them into Chinese.  So far, it has worked out quite smoothly and we’re still in the process of making final adjustments to make sure the words flow well with the music. We will also have a couple of Chinese instrumental pieces which will be accompanied by some recited quotations.  And then there will be a few other pieces - some that you may recognize and others that are new.  We have some incredibly talented musicians participating on this project and I’m thrilled to mention that Phil Morrison and Keith Williams will be contributing their talent to the CD as well.  I will share more about the performers in another blog.

I made the decision not to sing the primary vocals on this CD as I felt that the singer should be a Chinese vocalist so as not to distract the audience with any accent whatsoever.  However, I will try and get away with some background vocals in Chinese as I would love to participate. Looking forward to sharing more with you as the project progresses.

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