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A New Video Gift - The Bird Which Soareth

I would like to share a gift of a video that we just completed for one of the songs on my most recent album, Fire and Gold.  The song is titled, ‘The Bird Which Soareth’ and we thought it would make a perfect video because of the evocative imagery in the words by Baha’u'llah.  The words, used in Book 1 of the Ruhi series, describe the relationship between the material and the spiritual world through the metaphor of a bird.  Despite its freedom the bird struggles in its longing for the things of the earth and finds itself so trapped by its desires that it is unable to resume its flight.  

Although it is simple compared to many music videos, we wanted to create something special.  My producer, Jarome who also does videos, produced it using various original and unique video clips and combined them with photos to reflect the meaning of the words.  

There are two versions - one with the lyrics of the song in the video (Windows media format) and another high quality Quicktime version without the lyrics.  There is also a youtube version which is poorer quality than the versions on the gifts page. 

The video is my gift to you so please feel free to use it in your devotionals and other functions and share it with friends using this link: 


Thought of the Day:


“Ye are even as the bird which soareth, with the full force of its mighty wings and with complete and joyous confidence, through the immensity of the heavens, until, impelled to satisfy its hunger, it turneth longingly to the water and clay of the earth below it, and, having been entrapped in the mesh of its desire, findeth itself impotent to resume its flight to the realms whence it came. Powerless to shake off the burden weighing on its sullied wings, that bird, hitherto an inmate of the heavens, is now forced to seek a dwelling-place upon the dust. Wherefore, O My servants, defile not your wings with the clay of waywardness and vain desires, and suffer them not to be stained with the dust of envy and hate, that ye may not be hindered from soaring in the heavens of My divine knowledge.”





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