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Urgent Appeal by the Baha’is of Shiraz

As Baha’is around the world celebrate the Festival of Ridvan, the most holy of all Baha’i Festivals, the sad news of the increased persecution and suffering of the Baha’is in Iran reminds us of how much injustice there is in this world and how much work remains to be done until a world of peace [...]

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My song ‘This Earthly Plane’ is in a contest!

My producer, Jarome, recently entered our song ‘This Earthly Plane’ from the CD, ‘Fire and Gold’ in the ourstage.com song contest in the New Age/World category. I’m excited to report that it is currently 12th place out of 246 entries and it keeps climbing! The contest is on for the month of April. Please visit the site, [...]

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Eric Harper’s Delightful Concert!

Last night, I helped organize a concert for Eric Harper which also turned out to be very successful, enjoyable and lots of fun.  It was held at the Green T. Living just next to a lovely pond overlooking an elegant pagoda. Eric started out by playing classical guitar pieces in the pagoda and later moved [...]

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Cheng Lin’s Fantastic Concert!

What an amazing past few days I have had!  First of all, I must share with you that Cheng Lin’s Peony Festival concert was a huge success on so many levels.  By the night of the big event, I felt so comfortable singing all the songs in Chinese with the other backup singers and so [...]

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Eric Harper in Concert in Beijing

I’ve had the pleasure of having Eric Harper stay with us for the last 10 days.  He was invited to China to participate in Cheng Lin’s Peony Festival concert in Luo Yang.  During his stay we’ve had some opportunities to work on some music together and have come up with a lovely new song for [...]

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Rehearsals for Cheng Lin’s Concert

We have finished rehearsals in Beijing for Cheng Lin’s upcoming Spring Festival Peony Concert.  On Saturday I will be travelling to Luo Yang to join the band and Lin for final rehearsals for the concert on April 13.  We’ve had several practices and I feel confident with the Chinese songs that I’ll be singing with the chorus. [...]

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The World is but a Show

Thank you for your responses on my last blog post: ‘The Purpose of Tests’.  Many of you shared your thoughts privately and sent them to my personal email account - totally understandable as this can be a sensitive and personal subject.  I asked a couple of my friends if I could share their insights on [...]

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The Purpose of Tests

I have been pondering the subject of tests and difficulties lately and wanted to share some thoughts with you. In this life, anything that gives us an opportunity to detach is a gift because the purpose of life is to advance on the path of detachment. The more detached we are, the closer we are to [...]

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Spring Festival Peony Concert

Last week, my dear friend, Cheng Lin, asked me if I would be interested in joining her as a backup singer for her Spring Festival Peony concert in her home town - Luo Yang.   I’ve always been curious to know how Lin prepares for her concerts as she performs quite a lot within China. [...]

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Happy Nawruz!

I’m thinking of all my family and friends at this special time of year - Nawruz - which is the Baha’i New Year.  It is the last day of the fast and I look forward to the next year with feelings of anticipation, joy and excitement.  There are several more music projects in the works [...]

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