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Voices For Peace

I came across this video that has an important message of peace. It is from the website Voices for Peace. Enjoy!

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A Jazz Concert

Last night I attended an incredible jazz concert in Chatham which was part of the Jazz Festival at Wequassett Resort and Golf Club. The band is called ‘The Dave Schnitter Quintet’. I seldom have the opportunity to see professional musicians perform in Beijing so this was a special treat! The band consisted [...]

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The Process of Recording

I spent several days last week in Vancouver with my producer, Jarome, recording several songs for my upcoming CD on the theme of marriage. It will include a number of songs using quotations from various sources for the lyrics. I am excited about this project as I believe that the diversity of sources [...]

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Video-Whither Can a Lover Go

I am delighted to start sharing some private performances of my music with you. A few weeks ago we recorded a video: ‘Whither can a lover go’. It is one of my favorite pieces from the first CD, ‘Melodies of the Nightingale’, which I collaborated on with Michele Brown-Ramirez and Fiona Doomun-Rouhani. [...]

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Photos from Moonlight Concert

I am still feeling the excitement from the Moonlight Concert that I gave for ‘Fire and Gold’ at the Green T. Living last week. I am overwhelmed by the number of friends who attended and brought their colleagues and friends with them especially as it was a weeknight. There were over 200 people [...]

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A Moonlight Concert

The concert last night was absolutely incredible! Preparing for it had been quite intense during the last two weeks singing daily and formulating the introductions for each piece, but it was well worth it. Thank you to all the dear friends who came to support me and I know those who didn’t make [...]

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My first ‘Fire and Gold’ concert

I am preparing for a concert! I have been invited by a dear friend who owns an exquisite restaurant, ‘Green T. Living’, to perform some of the pieces from ‘Fire and Gold’ in a few weeks time. I am thrilled to have this opportunity as it will be the first time that I [...]

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A Violently Shaken World

Our world has been violently shaken in the last couple of weeks.  Thousands have suffered and countless lives have been lost in China and in Myanmar.  So many are suffering and many others are looking for explanations and trying to make sense of these catastrophes. From the wise counsels of Abdu’l-Baha I have gleaned the following: 

In times of [...]

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A New Project!

I’m excited to share my new project with you! In addition to working on music, there are other projects that I have been engaged in recently. About a year ago, I began the process of writing two children’s books on the lives of Amelia Collins and Taraz’u’llah Samandari. They were two unique [...]

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New Musical Explorations

Working with Jarome in the last 2 weeks on music projects has been very inspiring and rewarding.  Part of our time was spent focusing on the songs that will be on the upcoming marriage CD and looking at the structure, melody and phrasing of each piece.  The next step for this project will be to practise the [...]

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