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An Unusual Opportunity

In two days my producer, Jarome, will be arriving in Beijing and I’m very excited!  He is coming here to assist with several music projects that we are working on. One of our tasks is for me to learn the basics of Cubase (the music program that Jarome uses to record in his studio). In order [...]

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A Musical Evening

I have been working with my vocal coach this week on singing certain pieces from ‘Fire and Gold’ to prepare for future live performances.  As there are several harmonies on some of the pieces, it can be quite technical figuring out which parts to sing live and which harmonies to leave in the background.  Hard work, [...]

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Where there is love…

I recently finished composing the last piece for the marriage CD that I am working on.  I am thrilled about it as it will be a combination of three quotations in one song.  It consists of a short passage from Abdu’l-Baha on love (which I have included as the ‘Thought of the day’ below), an [...]

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New Year Gifts!

Naw Ruz is here! Naw Ruz is an ancient Persian festival celebrating the first day of spring (March 21), and is also the Baha’i New Year.  To celebrate, I have created a new ‘Special Gifts‘ page for you! It contains a brand new song that has never been released called ‘The Light [...]

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I began the process of recording ‘Fire and Gold’ three years ago this month.  The first piece I recorded was ‘The Hallowed Beauty’.  The month of March is a special time of year for me as I fast for 19 days.  The Baha’i fasting period (which is from March 2-20) is a time for reflection and learning [...]

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Perseverance Pays Off

I am now working on my next project, which is a CD on the theme of marriage.  At the moment the vision is that it will consist of five pieces with quotations and prayers from several sources.  So far, I have chosen quotes from the Baha’i writings on marriage, a prayer for [...]

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A few nights ago I went carolling with my children and a few friends in the neighborhood for the festival of Ayyam-i-Ha.  For Baha’is this is a time of bringing cheer to others, visiting the poor and needy, giving gifts and enjoying the company of family and friends.  We surprised some of our neighbors by singing several joyful [...]

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A few months ago I started vocal lessons with a good friend.  It has been such an awakening experience as I have had to relearn basic vocal techniques.  Correct breathing is one of the most essential parts of singing and I am working hard to correct some of the poor habits I have picked up.  [...]

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Fire and Gold available for purchase!

‘Fire and Gold’ is now available for purchase at CDbaby!  They are also digitally available on a site called Songslide.  Thank you for your patience!  Let me know what you think of the CD when  you have a chance to listen.  You can read more about songslide on one of my previous blogs. 

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Pursuing Music

Recently a new friend asked “Elika, I’m interested to know how your path in music came about… was it always music for you?”  I began playing the piano from the age of five.  My mother was a piano teacher so I was always surrounded by music while growing up.  As [...]

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