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A Heavenly Soul

A close friend of mine, Parviz Eshrati, passed away a week ago today.  He was truly a remarkable person.  His sole aim and desire was to transform and improve the lives of every person who crossed his path. He never missed an opportunity to guide and help those he met.  I know Parviz achieved his [...]

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Digital Downloads Available

I am thrilled to let you know that ‘Fire and Gold’ is now available on a digital download site called Songslide.  The beauty of this site is that you can choose how much you would like to pay per song.  You can listen to all the songs on there and select the ones you like.  Better [...]

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Welcome to my alivenotdead blog!

   Hi everyone, this is my first day on alivenotdead.  I just released a CD called 'Fire and Gold' in early January on the theme of tests and difficulties in life.  Would love to hear from you and make new friends on here :)  Welcome to my blog.

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Specialty Cards

Another joy of mine is making specialty cards.  I like designing different styles and catering them to various occasions for my friends.  About a year ago, I decided to market them to the public.  It has been a challenge as they are so time-consuming to make.  I spend time and energy on each one to make [...]

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I crave silence – especially during those times when I have the urge to create.  I have a passion for many types of the arts, but I find that the one that requires the longest period of silence is composing.  While it is challenging to describe how the creative process unfolds, I find that it [...]

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CDs on their way

Thank you all for your gracious comments on the Guestbook page.  We have now moved the guestbook page on the blog site so that I can now respond to you too!  Unfortunately in the process of doing that, we lost a few comments.  The CDs are on their way to different parts of the world [...]

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I am so ecstatic!  The CDs were finally delivered to my home today!  When the delivery van pulled up to our home I felt like I was receiving a truck full of gifts J Here is a photo of all the boxes in our entrance. 

The process of completing the CD has really tested my diligence [...]

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During the last two weeks of the production of ‘Fire and Gold’, there were some stressful moments and delicate decisions to be made.  It was the first time that I have manufactured a CD in China and this meant searching to find appropriate companies to duplicate the CD and print the booklet (my previous two [...]

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Uniqueness of Family

I am sitting on an island called Koh Samui, in the gulf of Thailand, watching the sunset with its layers of shimmering orange, gold, pink and purple cover the sky with its beauty. I am mesmerized by the vivid colors. The beauty of this creation is a sight one never tires of.  

We are having a [...]

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The Vision

It has taken almost 3 years to complete ‘Fire and Gold’ and what an incredible process it has been.  Initially the plan was to embellish some of the pieces on the CD, but as the project progressed, the vision changed considerably.  Knowing that the possibilities of music production were endless, I decided that adding more [...]

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