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Yes. yall should know by now. 九十年代曲, KZ's 2nd album is out in stores now. i've been getting loads of positive feedback. heard that it's selling quite fast too. im super happy about it. we'll be in Macau around 12hrs later to do a release party for the album. hope to see everyone there!!once again i really appreciate all the help and support we've received. i wanna thank KZ for believing in a kid like me and let me produce the entire album.i wanna thank Ghost Style for mixing the album with me and co producing it. learnt quite some stuff during the process. I wanna thank Phat for hooking us up with all the stuff we needed to put this out.Thank you Ah Ho for letting me and KZ turn your apartment into our studio. thanks to Start From Zero for the artwork of the album and posters and single cds and all that. Thank you Eddie for helpin us publish this album. Thanks to 24Herbs for the support we needed. Thanks to my big brothers from 85Up2 cos they're the ones who brushed up my beatmaking skills. Although my beats ain't that great at all, at least i've seen myself improve after knowing u guys.thanks to everyone who already bought the album. those who havent, better go get it or die a slow painful death!! haha nah just kiddin! thank u for your support!!peacedoughboy

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great job DoughBoy!
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