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i think therefore i am... bitch

 ( French:  ;  English:  ) is a  philosophical  Latin statement proposed by  René Descartes. The simple meaning of the phrase is that someone wondering whether or not he exists is, in and of itself, proof that he does exist (because, at the very least, there is an "I" who does the thinking). 1[]
well, someone who reads my blogs (surprisingly, sometimes i think that no one visits this page) tells me that he always comes here and see a lot of emo, sentimental shit.yeah thats right, i turn to this shit to vent my anger and all sometimes. anyways, while being in school, i hated it being so hectic and wasting my time. now im having my holidays, i feel like damn, im wasting like maybe 5 days a week doing nothing. im waking up at like 1 or 2pm feeling like shit everyday, walking 5mins to a nearby mall with my mom and eat lunch, then come back home, sweating, trying to chill out a bit and make beats. well, i guess when ur not doing much, inspiration doesnt come that much. the drums man. i've been tryin to figure out these fuckin drums since monday. i cant arrange it properly. the drums sound boring as fuck....as all these weird feelings start to mess up my mind, i start to think of weird shit. i cant get my head straight.. why am i feelin like this and how do i describe these feelings towards u and me. right. i gotta wake the fuck up and get my life together. i look at all these inspiring figures around me and i feel so useless (see i like hangin out with people that could inspire me. creatively and philosophically). hope that all the music we've been doing would be rewarding in one way or another.. 

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