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MOTU Volta

*** warning! übergeek blog post! •••

Having picked up some vintage analog synths lately, and with the full intention of buying more ... I was super stoked to have been shown this new product: MOTU Volta, a forthcoming DAW AU plug-in that sends CV output through any MOTU  (and eventually any DC-coupled) sound card. AAWWWEEESSSOOOMMMEEE!

Now I can use my lovely old MS20 on stage. Now I can approach any vintage s...Read more

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tonight - C.N.Y. costume party

Out goes the rat and in comes the bull, or ox, or cow ... depending on your view. In celebration of another lunar new year, our fancy dress event is TONIGHT so if you've characteristically left things to the last minute you still have a few hours to sort out something which will win that weekend holiday first prize that is up for grabs.
DJs include pretty much all of our resident roster, so no introduction necessary.

Flyers below with most of the info. If you have really dropped the ball and not sorted a costu...Read more

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NI Maschine

Everyone's at it ... hot on the heels of my previous post: NI has introduced an MPC styled controller for their own [new] software: Maschine.

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new Ableton Live controller from Akai

Thread title says it all! More info on the APC here.

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2 week warning: costume party!

Click the event page link ( here) for full info. Party date is Tuesday 27th January 2009 and the venue is Yumla ... the rest of the info is on the flyer!

Go on, you got 2 weeks to prepare :)

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if you still need an excuse to party

Our epic Xmas / NYE party which started on the 19th of December comes to a close this weekend: My last gig of the season; I'll be Djing this Friday (tonight) down at Yumla alongside Wendy Wenn ... then sleeping for about a month! Swing by about 10PM.

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Bang Bang Kitty

The perfect Xmas gift for ... actually ... I have no idea:
More info here if you need it!

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music for a film

Spent the last couple weeks working on some orchestral / electronic cross-over music destined for film & television (all going to plan!). Not my usual thing – I'm all about hypnotic techno and moody  industrial – upbeat, melodic and epic and not really my style.  Anyway, after spending a few days getting my head around orchestral programming the results started to come back pretty good. Out of the dozen-plus track or so which were completed, there were two that I am really happy with ... thanks to Raffi they've been added to the ...Read more

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This Fri & Sat at Yumla...

If you are in Hong Kong this weekend, there are two really dope nights happening at my bar:Friday sees the return of drum & bass  to the bar after a long hiatus over the summer.Fat Demon & Cookiewill be gearing up for some deep liquid jungle for the main body of the night plus we welcome newcomer DJ Kastoachaon dubstep duties. This new night - Boom Drop - will run on the second Friday of every month throughout 2009 ... it's about time dubstep & drum & bass were represented together in Hong Kong on a regular...Read more

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Invaders Must Die - new Prodigy track

The Prodigy have been a hard band to love, but I've always had respect for 'em since first picking up The Experience album many years ago. It's always been about the show, the music, the party and they keep on going.

Invaders Must Die - title track from the new album - is a free download on their site ... the MV is posted below. What I love about this Invaders... track is that it takes the fucking annoying stabby chopped up French electro-rock...Read more

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