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Laurent Garnier music video competition

Come on  guys ... there has to be someone here on AnD who can win this:
http://media.pias.com/laurentgarnier/... with more details of what they are looking for hereFour minute upbeat melodic techno track (check the MySpace page for the edited version of a track called GNANMANKOUDJI) with massive exposure* and 2000 Euro cash as...Read more

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new album


firstly - this will be the last time I post a picture of my desk when blogging about studio work! that 6 foot piece of wood happens to the centre of my life these last few years.

blog title says it all: new album underway. unlike the way I’ve written music in the past, I’ve been trying to avoid the computer and actually write songs...Read more

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back again only different


  1. just over a decade since I programmed my first beat on a second hand MC303. time for me to gather everything up, discard the pointless bits and focus on what’s meaningful.

disuye has always been a catch-all for my music: part label, part alias, part business face (for the commercial studio) and partly m...Read more

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We-Enhance blogs

Anyone else receiving these local music industry related e-mail blogs?! Not sure how I got on the mailing list, thankfully I am.  Brutally honest, (I assume) well informed, highlighting the farce for what it is, hilarious reading if not totally agreeable but what the hell --- fun stuff. Seek and ye shall find.

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do not feed after midnight

OK these damn things are addictive. Woke up this morning and the studio was full of tiny chirping little critters. From Japan.
Slight exaggeration. There were two more than before. And no, I didn't buy the SH09 and System 100... yet ... Although my eBay account is twitching like an excited puppy choking on snails at the prospect of owning a near mint and fairly rare Roland SH5. More on that la...Read more

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Depeche Mode "Wrong" video

Watch and learn music video makers.

Strong concept? Check.

Match the song? Check.

Well shot? Check.

Expensive? Well, probably yes, but the first three points are enough for a great music video!

No booty shaking grill flashing slow mo rim-shot bouncy car bullshit here. In fact those types of video should be banned on the grounds of making humanity more retarded.

Thanks to Read more

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quick update


been a while since posting any news! have been active over the winter months: mixing a number of major label releases for China and Taiwan plus co-producing & engineering an album of film & tv cues alongside hyper for k.p.m. … and that was just december.

on the club front there are new records in the pipeline - if you ...Read more

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Making Tracks

Recently figured out how to get a 25 year old synth under the control of a three year old G5. Well I say 'under control' ... there is something very alive about analogue synths; raw volts coursing through various components. Not so different from the electrical nerve impulses flying about in organic life-forms.Sonic results of this photo will be added to the media player soon enough.

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Bye-bye NIN

I'm only copy & pasting this as NIN have a habit of removing posts from their web-site, never to be seen again:
" Towards the beginning of my career in Nine Inch Nails, our biggest break came in the form of an invitation to perform a series of shows with  Jane's Addiction. These performances essentially created and defined the term "alternative" rock in the US, created an ongoing festival franchise that is ...Read more

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A good year so far.

Early January, a trapped nerve in the neck ignited an ache over half my head resulting in no sleep for 10 days ... the fatigue was kind of fun but degraded quality of life somewhat, and the whole thing really hammered into my seasonal depression. Drugs fixed all, thankfully, and there are no lingering issues from that little adventure. Just a slightly better insight into the realm of insanity.No sooner had I recovered from the neck, a lower back muscle infection started rabbit-punching the hell out of my nerves. Straight into two weeks of...Read more

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