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Shinjuku Accident...

Last Week on Wednesday, I made a last minute decision to go ahead and fly out to Tokyo on Thursday thru Saturday for the long weekend.  I had to wait till the last minute because I had too many things on my mind at the moment, so it almost didn't happen.  But now that I'm back, I'm so very glad I went.  It was a very packed 48 hrs there in Tokyo, I took about at least 12 different trains in that short time, visited 10 different areas in Tokyo and 5 different areas in Yokohama.  I have to say that place has now moved up to be my number two favorite city in the world.  Been there 5 times and still can't get enough.

Here are some pictures.  I took over 700 shots, and needed to get an extra SD card there @ the 7/11.  Many stories and blogs from this trip, but let me start with this...

Happy Shinjuku Accident (Story One) On my 2nd night there, I took a bullet train back from Shin-Yokohama back to the Shinjuku area in Tokyo.  Being around midnight, I had a choice to either take one of the last train back to my room in Yoyogi or stay in the area and take a taxi back.  Since I was only at this city for 48 hrs, I had to maximize my time, and I decided to forgo bedtime for some roaming.  I ended up wondering around this area searching for some good late night food.  I had already ate 2 bowls of Ramen from the Ramen Museum at Shin-Yokohama, but I there's no better late night food than skewered Yakitori.  My tired feet led me around the bright lights of Shinjuku, and I eventually stumbled upon this street.

I don't understand Japanese, but the Chinese Characters that I reconize are song and dance.  That night, it was one of the busier streets with lots of people and some underground dance clubs. Being alone, I wasn't going to drink and I didn't want to get into any possibly shady clubs either.  I did spot one Yakitori place, but it was already packed and no room for me, but I double backed to check out the menu.  When I was loitering there, one of the guys there started talking to me in Japanese.  I had to respond in English and luckily this guy lived with his aunt in New York and can speak English.  This very friendly guy is name Jun and he asked me to join him and his Korean friends.  Turns out the place is call Dongmakgol and is open by a Korean guy and they makes the meat skewers with a Korean twist. 

Food was great, and conversation somewhat lost in translation.  I wished I knew more Japanese or Korean so I can talk more.  But when words failed, I whipped out my Ipod to show them pictures of NY, HK and around the world from my other travels.  It was easier to talk over pictures and good food.  Eventually found out that Jun is a music producer for MS in Korea doing alternative rock.  Anyone here on AnD needs his help?

It was a great time to accidentally meet these guys.  Next time I'm there, definitely calling them up and try to do this again.  May be by then, I would have learned a few words of Japanese.

Jun, Jun, the owner and a girl name He... how ironic

There are much more to tell from my 48 hr Tokyo Adventure.  I will post up more stories like how I almost missed my flight again, and all the great Japanese food I ate...  Also got to check out Yokohama and loved that city by the shore.  At the acting class, I heard a good quote:  “The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea”. Isak Dinesen  So true, a few hours by the sea was great.

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i was just there last Sunday !!
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nice blog dude.. they have SD cards at 711? Wow that's really a convenience store!
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nice, random encounters like this are the spice of life. :-P
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I hope to go to Tokyo someday.
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