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Beautiful Space

One of the draws for me to visit Japan this time was to have a chance to visit some of these great buildings in Tokyo and Yokohama.  I have seen some of these places in Magazines and books, but there's nothing like being there. 

For me, the space and surrounding that I live in has great impact on how I feel and how I act.  Everything about the place, the space, the angles of the walls, the lighting, the decor all impact the experience.  Because of this, it took me over a year to find my idea home back in the States, and it took me 7months to find my current apartment in HK.  In the end, I'm very happy with my decision in both cases. 

Now back to Japan.  It's a city that doesn't have many skyscrapers, but what it does have is a vast landscape of many shorter buildings.  Due to its sheer number, there are many outstanding example of great architecture. 

One place I really like is the National Art Center at Ropponggi.  It has a great curved glass wall, and a great open entrance space that for me is both welcoming and aw inspiring.  Once you walk inside, the bright natural lights from the surrounding windows lights the inside and display the grand open indoor space. The inside of the National Art Center

The basement of the National Art Center

Outside of Tokyo is the seldom visited sister city of Yokohama.  Compare to Tokyo, it's much more lay back, and has a great open waterfront park that leads to this creatively designed Ferry terminal.  Sitting at the end of a pier, this structure is built in waves.  Similar to the roof of the HK Convention center, the top deck has natural curves that brings the visitors from the ground level to the top.  The most impressive part was that the top surface was built with thousands of wood planks.  To top it off, there's a growing lawn that is built in the center of the top deck. 

The Belly of the Beast... It swallowed this man's hope... desolated, he begs to stay alive.

Here's the walkway up and out from this hallow belly.

Outside across the way is this refurbished red brick factory building.. where life can be restored with the sound of live music

Now... let me take you to another place... walk...

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Gorgeous architecture. I would love to walk along those pathways.
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