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Artful week and Mike Relm

Been an Artful and eventful week here in HK.  Been to two events already and planning to goto two more tonight.  I always like to see good creative works from artists who come up with new and unique ways to express themselves. 

On Wednesday , I went to the 5th Pecha Kucha @ one bar.  They had many interesting stuff from the 10 presenters.  It was interesting to see the various styles and techniques that these people uses in their work.  Usually, it's the simple creative idea that has the most impact. 

Yesterday, I was on my way home and passed by Emily Eldridge's exhibit opening at the Epoch Cafe.  I had seen them setting up the installation the past few nights, and was glad I stopped by the opening.  I have seen Emily's work many times before at speak up and also Pecha Kucha.  Her work has such blyth and cheeriness that makes them so fun to look at.  After looking at everything, I decided to get the following statue.  I love the fact that this is made from found objects that were just glued together.  It's good to see that Emily can find such good use of discarded 'trash' and make something beautiful.  This will be on display at Epoch for a few more months, but I will have to find a good place to put this piece at home.  I love the bright colors that were used and wimpsy of this 'doll.'

Emily's blog about this 'Doll'


On a different note, I also found this online today after seeing Eric Nakamura's blog of Mike Relm's Gamer remix trailer.  This is a fun video of Mike Relm's live scratch performance of a scene in 'Office Space' and 'Charlie bit my finger'   This guys can scratch anything...

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