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scary scary nite


tonite is a reli special one, em.....u know..maybe not ,huh...i've got a very different understanding of butteries to others.

well for me....its ...something scary as much as the ghost, the Gremlins..the devil....brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..

for most others, it represents the goodies of life, holy angel...sth like dis..em....how to explain.??!! i jus duno y...it seems to be ...Read more

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只是一年前, 聽上去就只是那麼的一年而已. 身邊的所有都起了轉變. 再次証明我久久的神經質是多餘的. 原來不要想只管做也真是一個好習慣.

讓若干年後回看時, 每一少步都是有力的, 有印記的. 它不浮誇, 很自然俐落.

是, 有過一些快樂. 故名是 " 快樂" 就快過的歡樂, 想要長一點的, 可從心裡找. 或更好的往痛苦裡找, 哪怕只掙到一秒已獲得永恆. 所以高低起落不定 都很普通.

沒大不了, 每天各式各樣地發生, 不如把它當沒有罷, 不值得提.

其實了解自己是幸福的一種出路. 所有都輕鬆簡單多了.

內心平靜的追求對我很重要, 但不容易, 看我這個連打電動也會發瘋血壓上升的傻人真是一個鍛鍊. 但我很愛 各種鍛鍊.

以前, 錯過太多了吧,哈哈.

今天沒有了鉛華掛帥的名字在頭上往壓過來. ...Read more

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boooooooooo & Maine

take a bite of notes. rainny day wit joyful heart!

thanks for the pics Vera~

heading to the din...Read more

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one day in my life!

on da way to  shatin:-)

thanks EnDY for helping my hair. u make my day! cheers~

stick to the online...Read more

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maine's 2nd plug song--"Won't u Stand"

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the one

i'm not a buddhist, i dun even have any religion at all.but i know, someone's always there when u need a shoulder to lean on.i like the idea of  karma. its just practical, meaningful!nothing compares to the pursuit of happiness. coz u can never gain happiness from other's sorrow. smiles n look at the amazing breaking out of dawn, there's a beam to show u how n where to go.love & blessed,maine

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2nd mix ready!

thanks for da dear all sending me the warmest bd greets dis week, it was a blast!luv u guys, makin' my day the fabulous one! hugsss~2nd mix is ready, a bc song QC week for the berry crew!here we go again! brinin' up some chil style of music, its my pleasure as always!everybody says W.....U.....S.......!!comin' on air next week! cheers!luv & blessed,lil'Maine

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Maine's Reminder!!!

""2010 Maine's Reminder ""1) No more Bejewelz!! No Computer Games!2) Byebye Asthma!!3) Less CHoco Sweeties!!!4) Sleep Earlier!!!5) More Reading Less Shopping Days!!!6) Eat Healthy!!! Stop da Junkies!!!Em.....afterall...Expect the Unexpected~ Everything's gona stay da same..hahhaaReminder reminds ppl who always forget things ~ waheeeeeeeee!!! eager for the chorus session dis ...Read more

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